My name is Brandy and I am ADHD

I’ve always been a writer, for as long as I can remember I have had a pen in my hand, jotting down my thoughts, lyrics to songs, poems.  Writing has been my therapy, my saving grace.   I’ve tried Blogger and Twitter and they are both ok, but I want something more. Something more….. grown up, I guess. Make sense?

I don’t know if anyone will ever read any of the words that I tap, tap, tap on these keys; nonetheless, it makes me feel better to get my thoughts out of my head and out there…somewhere…anywhere. Who cares where, right?

First things first, I am very sarcastic, its who I am, how I play.  I do not proof read or use punctuation correctly. I love comas, that’s because I am a southerner and well, I type like I talk. Comas are me being dramatic. My, pause on words. You understand what I’m saying? Oh and, FYI, I lack a brain-filter. If I think it, I say it, sometimes that includes curse words. To me, curse words are like exclamation marks. Sometimes you just need the damn things to get your point across.

Here’s a funny foe ya, recently I was diagnosed with ADHD. Me, an almost 40 year old married momma of 6 with ADHD. I had to giggle at my diagnoses because for as long as the term ADHD has been around I have bucked up against it, arguing that kids aren’t “ADHD,” but rather brats who are in desperate need of a good ass-whooping.  And you my dearest reader, (if you in fact do exist) know that I am right about that.  You yourself have thought the same thing. Don’t deny it.  😉    Here’s how it happened: I go to the doctor and tell him that I simply can’t focus, that my thoughts are all over the place and I have a bookoo of unfinished projects.  I didn’t know if I was just an overwhelmed wife/momma with too much on her plate or if something was wrong with my ability to cope.  He asked a bunch of questions and well, the solution: Ritalin, 5mg up to 3 times a day.

Ritalin is AMAZING!! I’ve only taken 1 pill a day, in the morning when I need to direct my focus on homework. Man!!  Why didn’t I give into to this yeeeeears ago?  Ritalin has been like…. like…. the sun drying up the fog.  In just two weeks I have completed many of my unfinished projects, gotten an A in math (never before has THAT happened) and I have opened this little blog here.  My hands are flying faster than my brain can keep up, another first.

I have so much more to say. Please come back (if you’re here) and watch my brain explode before your very eyes. I promise you you will learn things you won’t believe.  Crap, you couldn’t make up if you tried.

…… but right now, Ritalin tells me to do math.




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