Little Tiny Holes (Austin Part 1)

Yesterday while I was writing about my dad, my new brother and our vacation to Florida, I had mentioned living in Austin with my cousins.  Well, as promised, I am gonna tell you about that right now.

Ok, so, my Uncle “Bubby” and his wife decided they were gonna move to Texas with their four kids and the brother-in-law.  My momma thought it would be a good idea for both her and myself to join.  What a trip!!    Here we were, a moving truck and a car packed with all of our crap and all of us. By all of us I mean: Bubby, Susie, Blu, Billy, Josh, Tootles, Eugene, my momma and me!!!  (Those names .. hahaha.. can’t get much more Kentucky than that, can ya?!)

My uncle Bubby drove.  We drove from Lexington, Kentucky to Austin in a matter of  a few days.  We stopped in Shreveport and again in Little Rock before reaching Austin.  I don’t remember anything about the drive being long. To me it was mostly fun. One of the things I do remember was my Uncle Buddy driving with one arm bent out of the window, holding a cigarette and I remember fighting with my cousin, Blu, over who was gonna sit on the “hump.”

The hump. I don’t know about where you come from, but here in Kentucky, the “hump” was worth fighting over.  The “hump” was the old time armrest that pulled down between the driver and the passenger in the front seat of car.  If the “hump” was up, it made a backrest and the front seat would sit three people.  The “hump” was THE PRIME seat to have in a vehicle, I mean, if you were a kid.  Sitting on the “hump” allowed you to see everything out of every window in the car. Plus you were sitting up front and that was always a bonus.   Oh, you wanna know about the seat-belts?  I don’t mean t poke fun but this was the 80’s.  hahahaha  Ain’t nobody using seat-belts in the 80’s.  Hell, I’m pretty sure most people cut them out of the car because they were uncomfortable. I even heard a few folks call ’em, “Death traps.”  And before you ask, wasn’t no baby-seats either.   Babies got held by their momma and kids stood up in the backseat.  If a seat-belt was needed, it was the sole responsibility of the driver to throw their arm out in front of you to stop you from flying through the windshield.  Only one time I went flying and my grand-momma caught me by the ankle. No harm, no foul.

Anyway.. as I was saying I remember sitting on the “hump” singing to the radio and owning my position up front with the adults.  I also remember stopping at a gas station and not wanting to get out of the car outta pure fear that Blu would pee faster than me and beat me back, and take my “hump.”  So I sat there with my full bladder trying to find something to do to take my mind off  the misery.  While sitting there I just happened to notice the map light above my head.  It was on because the door was open.  (The door was open because that’s what you did back then to keep the people inside the car from suffocating to death in the summer heat).. anyway, where was i?  Oh yeah, the light.   Well, the cover to the light had a little tiny hole in the middle of it and for whatever reason the little hole was calling my name.  Being the genius I am, I realized that I had a little tiny finger and it would fit in the little tiny hole so.. I stuck it in.  It took like .2 seconds before I yanked it right back out.  The light bulb had to be the temperature of the sun and I got an instant water blister to prove!  I don’t know much more about my turn on the “hump” after the light bulb incident because that little tiny blister that I got from that little tiny hole in the light cover burned and hurt for the rest of the day and that’s the only thing I could concentrate on.






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