Science, shmience. This is a God world.

I never really know what I am going to write about.  I mean, sometimes I sit down and pick up where I left off, but usually when I sit down, I do so without a plan.  Letting my fingers tap out whatever my Ritalin charged brain is thinking at the time. Like now. I had planned to finish up my story about living in Austin but, it’s just not there. Today I’m thinking about the sky….. and God.

God never ceases to amaze me with His mastery.  He is the master craftsman behind this beautiful world, there simply cannot be any other explanations. Too many things run perfectly, with details so intricate that there’s just no way science can duplicate it.  Look at our bodies for example. We grow from two different people from two microscopic cells that keep multiplying, dividing, dying and regenerating the entire time we are alive.  Scientifically speaking, the female body should not be able to carry a child. But God speaking,  the female body adapts to the child’s growth by rearranging organs and bones so that the baby can grow.  I could really grasp the concept of this absolute miracle with the conception and birth of my first child, Tate.  My son is now 24, married, and will someday have his first child.  That just amazes me.  I grew him; inside my womb two cells danced and twirled until he was perfect and ready to be born.  He was born two months too soon but his little body (with God’s intervention) adapted quickly to the shock of an early birth and he went home the very next day!!!  That alone, is beyond science.

Another example is found in my momma’s heart problem.  The arteries going to her heart were damaged.  Matter of fact she presented with mild chest pain that sent her in for some test that revealed some minor blockage.  But ‘as a precaution’ the doc wanted to throw in some stints to open her up.   As she lay on the table getting stinted, the doc took x-rays to later put into her file.  After the procedure the doc brought me into a small room with a couch and a whiteboard. He handed me the x-ray.  As he spoke and played Pictionary, I just stared at the x-ray in complete bewilderment.  My mother was stinted with two stints to open up her 100% complete blockage – a blockage that SHOULD have killed her. That’s not what shocked me.  I expected that kind of news. What sent my head spinning was how her body repaired itself.  That’s right– it repaired itself!!!   The x-ray of the heart showed the two tiny stints and the blood rushing through the newly opened artery but what it also showed was two more brand new veins.  She was not born with these two veins.  These new veins were pretending to be arteries. They grew from the bottom of the blocked artery and they eventually attached themselves into the top of her suffocating heart. These new arteries kept my mother’s heart fed with just enough blood to keep her alive and did so long enough for test to be ran and long enough for stints to be placed inside.  Only God could create this scenario.

Outside of the human body there is a huge mass of dirt in which we all share- that’s one way to look at it.  Another way to look at it is with unfiltered lenses.  Do you not find it simply amazing that we live in a perfect ecosystem? Our world sits perfectly in space. It rotates perfectly so we can have the perfect amount of light and darkness. It tilts so that we can have seasons that allow for death and regrowth.   Our world gives us floods, fires, hurricanes and erupting volcanoes.  All beautifully breathtaking, yet instantly heartbreaking.  Science might be able to explain it, but it cannot duplicate it.

Atmosphere.  Seems like sciGodWondersence has it all figured out, doesn’t it?  Our atmosphere isn’t something we think about too often. I mean, why would we? It doesn’t seem to be too impressive. It’s clear and still, unless you look closer.  Our atmosphere not only gives us the air we need to sustain life, it also gives us our climate and weather, all while protecting us from the elements of space- to sustain life.  For a small example, look at air.  As I said, air can sit seemingly still or it can turn into a wind that carries pollen and seeds, it carries clouds that dump rain.  Air does everything humanly impossible, it sustains our ecosystem.  Air can also dance within itself, mixing hot and cold until it becomes fierce and twisted.  Yes its damaging, and yes it can kill but is it not amazing at the same time?

I love the sky.  For hours I could lie back on a blanket, in a field and stare up at the heavens.  During the day I could  make cloud pictures and at night, stargaze, and never once become bored.   I have a good eye and without difficulty I can find beauty in things most do not see. Without a doubt, I am artistic and talented but no matter how hard I try, I cannot capture the exquisiteness of the heavens on film, it’s impossible and the times are too numerous that I have wished for a camera as perfect as the ones God provided me with, my eyes and brain.

Speaking of the brain- wow.  What a topic and one that I probably shouldn’t get started on. That’s because I’m ADHD and on Ritalin at the moment… I could write a book as long as, “Sironia, Texas,” by Madison Cooper, which possesses no less than 1,100,000 words!!  (Google it if you don’t believe me)  So, yeah, I’m THAT able to write able the brain and ain’t nobody got time for that!!