Useless Mathematics

Today I am absolutely discouraged. I knew I hated math but now I really know that I hate math. Not all math, I’ve learned to like and appreciate some math. I hate math that is useless to me and my field of study.

Right now I’m in math 115; pretty short-bus in my opinion.  I’ve been sailing right along and collecting A’s and B’s without much effort- until this week.  This week I am struggling!!! It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, because I do know how. I know every step but still, the answers are coming out incorrect. Was I rushing and being careless? Probably. So I slowed down; didn’t work.   I feel like a compete idiot.  The math for this week has been on the “Banzhaf” & “Shapley-Shubik powers.”  Why?   I for one do not care who a pivotal player is in any coalition or any sequential coalition.  I’m not counting votes for a living. I’m not doing NBA drafts… so why must my professor torture my sweet little soul??
I’ve tried very hard to understand why to the point I don’t care why anymore.  Now I only want to pass this week with at least a D but its not gonna happen.  I have watched every video offered and even Youtubed a few.  I’ve watched every “Pencast,” every, “show me how,” and every, “give me an example.”  I see the steps and understand the steps but fml, I get at least half of the answers wrong Every. Single. Time.

I’m so completely frustrated right now and that frustration has me ready to quit for the week.  I just wanna go through the test and mark every answer with random numbers, fail and get it over with because I’m tired of all of my time being consumed on a type of math that will never be needed (unless you live in the state of Florida where they always count the votes incorrectly) hahaha

Ok. I’m done venting.  Thanks for listening.