No excuses. None.

Impatient. That is the single word to sum all of this up..(reflecting upon myself)  I have the attention span of a gnat; seriously. I guess I can blame it on my ADHD, now that I know I have it.  Hahahahaha. ADHD a disability?  Do you think I can get a parking sticker or a check, help with bills or something??   Of course I’m only kidding, but I do know some trashy-ass people that would try if they thought they could get away with it.  That’s what’s wrong with people today… always looking for a way to work the system and get a handout.  Pisses me off like you wouldn’t believe.  What happened to putting in an honest days work.. earning what you want?  What happened to the pride you felt when you purchased the items your heart desired..or better yet, just in taking care of your own damn kids?   I’ve seldom had any handouts. Oh, they were offered but after the embarrassment of accepting them the first time, my pride declined another before my hand could accept. Why would I take something from someone else when I am more than capable of doing for myself?   There is seldom a reason to accept a handout from anyone. I do understand old folks, children and animals needing help but no one else.  My opinion on the whole, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” thing is this.. If you fell down it’s because you weren’t watching where you were going. Whose fault is that? 
I’m not trying to sound negative but your choices are what put you in the position you might be in so why in the world would you think you are inclined to ask someone else to help you? I’ve been there,  done that.  No. No. No!!!
Stop being a lazy. Get off your ass, get a job and take care of your responsibilities. 
On drugs/alcoholic?  Check in to rehab. Broke? McDonald’s is always hiring … and not necessarily smiling faces.  Abused? Leave or die.  Homeless? *see Broke.   Can’t get a job because you don’t have a car? Do you have feet? If not, there’s free transit for people with handicaps.  I won’t call you ‘disabled,’ because you are able- if you want to be. Gotta want it.

No excuses!!!! 

Again, I’m really not trying to sound like I lack compassion, as I said, old folks, children and animal’s… I can understand them needing help, but if you have air in your lungs and a functioning brain then there is NO WAY you need a handout. 
Take a deep breath before you go all ghetto on my ass and tell me i don’t understand. If anyone understands, its me.  I do get it.  You’re a single parent that needs some help.. foodstamps, WIC, childcare. That’s fine IF you have a job and you’re trying.  That’s the key. TRY!!!
Oh ok, here we go… you have a job so they won’t give you more? Oops. Guess you’re gonna need to get a second job then. What?  Don’t be mad at me.. you’re the one who opened your legs and got knocked, so tell me, how is it MY responsibility to pay for your kids, your bills and your bad choices.. I’m all ears.

Let me just fill you in on some things before you think I’m judging you.  I have made PLENTY of bad choices. I was preggers at 16. On top of that, I’ve been married and divorced more times then I care to mention and now at 40, looking back, I can honestly say that I have worked for every single thing I little as that may be with ADHD. Hahahahahaha….   Yes I have had WIC services and yes I have had foodstamps.. When I was 16 and ONLY until my 18 year old husbands’ new job started.  We finished school, worked and raised babies all at the same time because we took pride in taking care of our responsibilities and in earning what we wanted.
Like I said,  I’m almost 40 and because I’ve chosen not to accept many handouts it’s taken me this long to get where I am going.  Am I going at it snail speed? Yes I am, but I’m going.  Bad choices, no excuses, and sometimes backwards .. I’m going.