Too Early

I’m awake but I’m still sleepy.  Three out of six kids are still at home, each busy with their own “thing.”
One has marching band (all the damn time), one has dance and the other is a mascot.  Today is Saturday and the running begins at 7:45am.
The pollens are going crazy outside right now with ragweed and grass as the dominants.  For whatever reason, sleep never found me last night… being sleepy and attacked by pollen, well that’s the perfect recipe for a headache.

Last night I was busy with a last minute sports physical and with buying jazz shoes.   Jazz shoes are like leather socks and completely pointless in my opinion, but it is what it is.   This morning I was notified that my dancer cannot wear her nose ring.. so off to Walmart we go for a clear one. 
Always something.

To be in one of the best school districts means the rich kids are ruining my life.  They are!!!   “Rich” schools nickel-and-dime us to death.   There are fees for everything. On top of that, we were giving a supply list not only for our girls but also the teachers.  I refused. No way am I buying supplies for a teacher to use.. hell.. With all the crazy list they gave me for the girls,  who has money for anything else??
When I was in school I needed three things; a pencil, some paper, and free lunch….and half the time I borrowed the paper!!!!  Nowadays kids need three types of paper. There’s loose paper, graft paper and notebooks for every class but not the .39c spiral ones. They “needed” the notebooks with perforated paper that costs $1.19.  Why? Because the teachers didn’t want those little hairy paper edges? Oh and then there’s the folders with specific dimensions like 2″ binders with three rings. Another really stupid buy.  
Black pens, blue pens, #2’s and mechanicals.  Erasers.
(Erasers? Did they stop putting them on top of the 4500 pencils in just bought?)  Glue and colored pencils. (Why on earth does a middle schooler need these items?)   And the best one. . A calculator that cost $100 that no one carries.   Why???  The free app on their phones is the same damn thing.
Let’s not forget hand sanitizer,  paper towels,  tissues and baggies.
I have never seen one thing in my entire 24 years of motherhood come home from school in a baggie. 
All this crap (times 3) and they want me to buy the teachers supplies?  Screw that.

Look at the time.  Gotta go..


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