Concussions Suck!!

A little over a week ago I pulled a vacuum cleaner down the stairs and stopped it with the back of my skull. I knew it could have possibly happened.. I thought about the chances before I started vacuuming.  Id been pushing my luck all day, disrespecting safety. Yet with each step I went down I thought about how much more I could pull the hose before the vacuum slipped from the landing— all because I was too lazy to go back up the steps, unplug the vacuum, carry down the steps, plug it back up and finish the job I’d started.

I’ve been trained in safety and life stabilization…. I’ve seen first hand the consequences of accidents on staircases.  Still, I vacuumed steps from the top to the bottom.  What a dork think to do.

After a week of continuous headaches, temporarily losing clear vision in my right eye and almost throwing up, I’m pretty sure I’ve learned my lesson.
Never vacuum again.



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