It’s already tomorrow…

I can’t sleep. Whoever said that silence was deafening knows my anguish.
The house is quiet;  too quite.  My room is pitch.  Nothing pierces the black except for an occasional car passing by and my thoughts- both are random and quick.  
I should go to sleep.

Seconds feel like hours.
I wonder what time it is?
My brain is on fire with words but none of them seem to make since at this hour.   Looking at the cell for the time I silently complain to noone,  “Shit. It’s already tomorrow.”  I should really go to sleep.

I’ve left my bed and my husband’s side; again.  The couch isn’t my friend. The dog snores below and the cat takes up a whole cushion at my feet.
I tried to count the cars that passed but now I wonder why are cars passing at this hour?  Where do people go when their house is too quiet and their brains lack melatonin?  Oh I know! The Waffle House!!  The Waffle House is open all night!!!   Mmmm… coffee.  They have the best coffee.  It has this certain flavor-  something that can’t be duplicated.  I own a Waffle House cup.  I bought it at the Goodwill for .50c in hopes that the coffee I bought from Kroger would magically taste the same.  It doesn’t.

I think I’m hungry.   I shouldn’t be as I made a good dinner this evening.. last night.    :/
Bbq chicken, southern greens beans and homemade mac n’ cheese.  But that was 6 hours ago.   Hell, it’s already tomorrow, technically I could eat breakfast.
I really need to go to sleep.

Facebook and instagram have been checked like the morning news. Noone has anything interesting to share; stolen quotes,  recipes,  selfies that should have waited for a flick of a light switch and a glance in the mirror. Damn.
I really, really need to go to sleep now.

How about a little poem first.
G’night.  Sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.
Wait. What?
Bedbugs??? Gross!!!!
Now I’m itchy.

I’m never going to sleep.


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