It’s beautiful..absolutely captivating.
I’ve always loved fire.
One of my dads favorite stories to tell is about the Christmas I was 3 or 4 years old. He tells it with humor in his voice my how mother bought me oodles of girl shit; dolls, doll crap, a kitchen, barbies.. spent tons of money and it was his $20 gift of Tonka trucks and fire engines that I played with. Hahahahaha.

I once burned an apartment building down… maybe I blogged about it already, maybe I didnt, I honestly do not remember.
It was an accident. My cousin, his friends and I were playing in the building behind his house. It was just being built so it was basically just the frame, roof and drywall. We all had been running and playing hide n’ go seek and someone had an idea to build a fire, so we did- – – INSIDE!!!! I suppose we did it so we could play with fire without getting into trouble, who knows what we were thinking really?!?
The only thing I do know is that we were called home for dinner and while we ate we heard sirens. LOTS of sirens.
Blu and I looked at each other and just kept eating. When we were asked if we knew anything about the fire .. we said “NOPE!” and that was that.

In early adulthood I worked for Gall’s. Gall’s was a business that catered to the public safety world; uniforms and whatnot. I ended up on a team that customized emblems for uniforms and that’s where my love for fire really sparked. (Haha sparked. Like what I did there? I made a funny) While working with the firemen on how to design their maltese crosses, they’d share stories of their day and I would remember the donut shop where my momma worked.. and I would remember the midnight stories from her firemen and police.
As small as I am, I went to drill school and I become a firefighter; I did it without any handicaps too. Those guys gave me so much shit. They pushed me and they pushed me hard. In the end I peeled the trainee stripe off of my helmet and gained a cubby to place my special ordered mini-gear in. There was a huge cake with a burning house on it and huge green letters that said, “Congratulations!” This had to be one of the best days of my life.

Last night I made a fire in the fireplace. I sat next to my husband, watching the flames. The fire felt just as alive as I was.. it lived and breathed and struggled to survive. It’s was playful and silly in its dance, almost childish. I watched that fire until it took its last breath.

It takes some people a lifetime to find their passion- I was born knowing mine. Hell, I was born in August, a Leo ruled by the sun. What other passion could I possibly have had other than the flame?


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