Candy coated kitteh

… not the latest Asian delicacy. As Kayla, my daughter and I were in the middle of making blue glass candy, Augustus, my 7 month old tuxedo kitteh, decided to jump up on the counter and into 300°f melted blue sugar that was spread out on a cookie sheet.   I think Augustus was going for the window that I had just opened. I had to open it because when you add flavored oils to molten sugar the vapors will burn your sinuses out of your face!!
Before I knew it Augustus was flying thru the house like a bat outta hell flinging the melted blue sugar all over his body and all over the kitchen.  It looked like a scene straight from “Breaking Bad.”

After chasing Augustus down and submerging him under cold water I found that although he looked like a cat lollipop, the only damage was to his toe pads. Thank goodness for dense fur!!

Kayla held the crunchy kitteh down while I cut the hardened candy from his fur. He actually started purring at one point and tried to goto sleep.  Poor baby.
We sent a photo to our vet friend and she called him in some über strong pain meds and told us to coat his paws in hydrocortisone cream.
While we tended to Augustus, my husband was in the kitchen scraping blue candy off of the hardwood floor, the back door, the stove, caninets, window, granite, walls….  the shit was everywhere!!!!!  I don’t know if yall know but as hard candy cools it can be pulled like spider webs and boy did we have the webs!!  We will be finding blue candy until next Easter I’m sure.

It’s been about 4 hours since our Kitteh 911, and Augustus isn’t complaining at all.  I have him trapped in our huge dogs’ crate.  He just used his litter box and is currently eating.
I think I’ll leave him be for a few days so his pads can heal.  I don’t think he should jump and climb about and chance popping a blister.



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