No Indictment

Basically it is exactly as one of my besties put it, “You can’t whine ‘no justice,’ then act like a bunch of rabid lab monkeys.”
The bottom line is, cops have a job to do.   Don’t wanna get shot, don’t act like a thug.   Don’t want your kid to get shot, be a responsible parent. Be nosy  enough to know what your kid is doing in his or her daily life.  I do and I have great kids.  One runs his own business, putting in 60 hours a week.  One works in the health care field and helps repair what others break.  One is in welding school down in Florida. Three are honor roll students in Middle to High school.
I kept my kids busy with sports, band or whatever ever else that intrest them. When they had ill behavior they lost privileges; cell phones to cars.
I’m sorry a kid lost his life but the parents are somewhat to blame.  Go riot at their damn house.


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