Day 1- Resolution

I’ve made two New Year resolutions.  I know that making promises to yourself is kind of stupid and let’s be honest, most people give up on their resolutions before the month of January has ended. I’m level boss for New Years resolutions though.  Last year I resolved to drink more water (and I did with the help of various reminder apps even though i think water taste like shit). The year before I resolved to not eat at McDonald’s for the year…. and I didnt. Oh man.. and I couldn’t wait for the year to end.  I went straight to Micky D’s, ordered the two cheeseburger meal and almost crapped myself before I got home!!!  This year I have two resolutions:  1) to cut down on added sugar and 2) to blog every single day on here.

Now the sugar thing is probably going to kill me.  Sugar for me is like a main food source, well, that and carbs which is also pretty much only sugar.  I’m basically screwing my family over because if I can’t have it, I won’t make it (or buy it)  I’m not mean!!  I just know I have no willpower over that sweet, sugar coated, syrupy, honey soaked, glazed, frosted, dipped, iced, jellied, whipped deliciousness.  Seriously I don’t know how I’m not so fat that they’d have to remove a wall to get me out of my house in the event of an emergency.

Now the other part of my resolution, to blog on here everyday… again, I think I set myself up to fail because, what on earth will I possibly have to say every single day?  I’m not that interesting of a person and my life isn’t very entertaining unless you count my meanish sarcasm and quick wit as fun. (Most do not)   I’m really hoping that how I see the world will be enough to carry me through.    Who knows, but here’s to me anyway!  (Crosses fingers as she tilts her head back chugging  some cheap ass wine straight from the bottle like a real woman)



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