Day 2 – Bombay

It started like any other day, coffee and Netflix.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m addicted to documentaries.  Documentaries and reality tv. I’m a junkie and I shoot up with them daily.  I can’t stop.
I’ve loved all topics of criminal justice since I was a kid, only I didn’t know it was called, ‘criminal justice,’ I thought it was just cool.     Once I checked out so many books on serial killers and forensics that I was flagged at the library. The only thing I can tell you about that is apparently if a murder had happened in my town the police could have questioned me about it based on the amount of literature I read on crime.  Who knew that could happen?

“Cops.” Oh my god I fell in love with that show.  Once they were in Louisville (close to home) and I was all psyched out.  Somehow I felt like I had celebrity status because Cops was filmed in my state.  Oh and “Lockup Raw”- don’t even get me started on that awesome show. 

I’ve learned so really cool tips and tricks from the prison world. Like, who knew you could iron stolen bread & cheese inside a brown paper bag to make grilled cheese, or that a package of Skittles could be used as makeup?  I’ve learned how to make shanks out of soap and send prison texts (aka. kites)

This morning I found a show called ‘Hard Time.’   It is 6 episodes filmed inside Hays State Prison down in Georgia. Hays ain’t no joke-  they’ve had a lot of controversy in the past over abusive CO’s and rapes.  (Natgeo left that tasty tidbit of information out of their little documentary) Anyway, the inmates were pretty creative.  They were talking about their “jobs” in prison and one guy was responsible for keeping a wick burning at all times.  This wick was like forever long, made from tightly twisted tp.  The wick was used to light smokes, burn a roll of tp to brew fresh coffee and to light mattresses on fire during the protest over the abuse of the CO’s.  Seems like a legit business.

People assume that all criminals are hardened. That’s just not true.  Like today, I saw a murderer make a Bombay for another murderer for his birthday. Because no one has all the ingredients, the inmates pull together to make it. It’s made for special occasions only. A Bombay is a nonalcoholic drink made of a few simple ingredients: cherry kool-aid, sugar, instant coffee, pop and ice.  The inmates get “geeked out” on it.  I guess even a small amount of the caffeine/sugar concoction gives them a buzz after being denied such things for so long.

I listened carefully how the bombay was made then head to the grocery for the ingredients.  I mixed that shit up and drank it like a boss!!  IT WAS GOOD!! To me it taste like real sweet cherry coke or Cheerwine (gotta be from NC to know what that is) 
You know you wanna try it so here’s how:


1. Cherry kool-aid
2. 1 c. Sugar
3. Instant coffee
4. Pop
5. Mix sugar and kool-aid. Put 5 teaspoons in a tall cup. Add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee.
6. Pour in the pop. (Foams a LOT) stir. Add ice.
7. Share

You’re welcome.


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