Day 3 – Lamb Shanks


I’ve never cooked lamb before tonight and now I know why…  it stinks! How can something so damn cute smell so bad?  It has this weird stench, sorta like a barnyard animal that was hit by a tractor and left in the sun all day.   To me, all meat stinks. I hate to touch it when it’s raw and usually get my husband chop it up and put it in the pan.  One meat I refuse to ever eat again is goat.  Goat meat taste exactly like it smelled when it was alive. Goat milk too… can’t do it.  So someone please tell me why I thought it would be a good idea to purchase 5 lamb shanks this week???   I’ve had lamb once or twice and I think it was good but I had it at a restaurant so someone else prepared it.  Tonight I had to wikihow to cook these things because I had no clue.  The app said, “low and slow,” as in, use a crockpot.  Ok!!
Each shank… (what the hell kind of body part is a shank anyway?) had to be cut from its net and then it’s air tight package. I almost fainted when I release the first leg..or shoulder or kneecap or whatever, from the package into my hand.  The 😨 odor was something so unfamiliar that my husband had to Google it to see what it was supposed to smell like.
Apparently lamb has an intense aroma. Being the weirdo I am, I then turned around and searched how to tell if lamb meat is bad-  because I wasn’t satisfied with Google alone.  Ehow said bad lamb meat would be grey or tan, sticky or slimy and expired.  My lamb was bright pink, felt like a roast and wasn’t expired, so I washed the blood off the shanks and placed them into the crockpot with olive oil, onions, potatoes and garlic.
Wiki said to let them cook on low until the meat falls from the bone so I guess the shanks can cook all night.  I’m just reeeeaaalllly thankful that it’s warm outside tonight so I can leave a window open.



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