Day 4 – Dad’s

Went to visit my dad today. It’s been forever since I’ve been to his house.  Dad comes to my house often because we have 6 kids and there’s a lot of birthday parties hahaha  When I go down his way, it’s always to my grandmother’s house (his mom) because that’s where the entire family gathers for dinner every important holiday.
My dad is the cook in his house. I’m fairly sure he enjoys it. He texted yesterday to see if a pork loin, smoked with peach wood chips would be ok for lunch.  Of course it was ok!!!
Later he texted to see what went with it….   he’s so cute. 😙  I told my dad I’d bring a side.

My dad lives in the next town over, it’s not far by miles, however traffic from here to there is a freaking nightmare.  What should take 20 minutes turns into 45, unless it Christmas season then it takes about 2 hours because the ONLY indoor mall is between us.

Dads house smelled amazing with its aromas of seasoned pork, rolls and baked apples dancing in the air.   7 of us circled the perfectly set table, filling every chair plus a borrowed one from the desk in the next room.  Holding hands my dads voice praised and thanked God for the food given and for the family that would be nourished by it.  Bowls passed from left to right until all plates were filled; leaving only enough left over to make a plate to take over to my grandparents.
With dinner gobbled down and plates cleared, dad broke out the apple pie; homemade from sweet apple center to the browned crust on top.   A scoop or two of vanilla bean ice cream and Voilā!  ….perfection!!


Three and a half hours later I was home and I get a text from my dad sending hopes that I had enjoyed my day.

How could I have not?


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