Day 5 – Wooley Worms

No matter where you live in the US, you’re feeling the cold tonight.  In my state we’re dropping down to 16°F.  Tomorrow night, 2°F. 
Have I mentioned that I hate winter? I don’t like to be cold. I don’t like chapped hands and lips, itchy dry skin or having skin the color of milk.
Our house is old, probably about 50 and although it has been completely flipped, the new windows don’t hold up well in air as cold as tonight’s.  Because our electric bill was $300 last month I decided to shrink-wrap all of the windows with plastic and a blow dryer.  That was a job lemme tell you!!!  We also bought draft protection for the doors and heat deflectors for the floor vents.  It’s still freaking cold in this house!  Maybe it’s because we have all hardwood flooring.  Maybe it’s because we have electric instead of gas heat. Maybe it’s both. Whatever it is, it sucks ass.

I know kids in the northern states walk to school in temperatures way colder than this, hell, I stood on the bus stop in colder temperatures than this but my kids aren’t built for it.  I’m hoping that they will get at least a 2-hour delay in the morning. That way they can stand at the stop when it’s warmer out, like a whopping 22°F!!   Perhaps I’m just being a pansy mom, but I really do not like my kids out in the cold… not even the grown ones who have to goto work.

Have you ever heard of a wooley worm?  Wooley worms are fuzzy black and brown caterpillars that have 13 segments.  Around here those segments represent the 13 weeks of winter.  Black parts are bad, brown, opposite.     We found a wooley worm in mid-fall.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring it in and let Rae, my 16 month old granddaughter see it.  She was cute playing with it and laughing as it crawled on her little hand.  Then it happened 😨  Rae pulled the wooley worm into two pieces and now I’m pretty sure thats why it’s freezing outside.  I let my grandbaby freeze the US.  I suck.



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