Day 7 – My Blog

It took forever for me to figure out why my dates were wrong on my posts. I knew I was posting day 1 on the first day of January and Day 2 on the on and so forth but my posts continued to have a date stamp of a day ahead.  I knew there had to be some sort of time zone thing I needed to adjust but where on earth was it?

I’m not new to blogging but I am new to WordPress and trying to get the settings right has been difficult.  I came from Blogger, it was really simple, probably because the choices were few. WordPress however has so many options and many are in a language as foreign to me as Chinese.  I’ll get there- eventually.

I did learn that trying to customize a WordPress blog on a Galaxy is damn near impossible. After awhile I gave up and logged in from the trusty – dusty laptop. MUCH easier.  I took a little time and clicked about, reading and checking or unchecking boxes.  Only the Lord knows if I’m doing it right..
I did manage to set a profile picture, find my time zone and add a header photo to my blog. Oh and I made some color changes, that’s a start!
My header photo is of a small pond with all these weird blackish ducks and in the middle is a single white duck.  I took the picture at a park a couple of years ago.  The white duck stood out because it wasn’t like the others.  That white duck reminded me of me. As you visit me here you will see what I mean.

Visit. There’s another bit of WordPress confusion.  I’ve noticed that on my stats page I have visitors and I have viewers. What’s the difference?  If someone visits your blog aren’t they viewing it too??  I haven’t learned how to do it differently if there’s a difference.  When I open my app, I go through the blogs I follow feed and I read, like and comment without a clue as to what kind of stats you’re getting from it. Am I visiting or am I viewing?
There’s plenty of time to figure it all out over the next year as I face my challenge of writing a blog everyday per my New Year’s resolution.
However, I am open to any suggestions, tips or tricks you can share to help me do this thing better.

Before I go, I have to say I am super excited that I have 41 followers.  Wow. 41 people have liked something about one of my posts enough to wanna hear more.  That’s so cool!  Thank you!!

Now Imma go and try to find some sleep. Yall stay warm, cause it’s cold as hell here!
Wait. That’s stupid. Hell isn’t cold, it’s hot, but I can’t say it’s hot as hell here because it’s 5°f with a -11°f windchill.
I’m so confused right now.



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