Day 12- Last Semester

Today was the first day of my last semester of college.  I have no reason to be in college. I don’t need the degree, I don’t have to work. However, I want the degree just so my kids can’t point fingers at me, “Well yoouuu didn’t graduate college…”
Uh  uh. Momma don’t play that game.  Those little brats aren’t about to blame me for how they messed up their life, the drag me on Dr. Phil. Nope. I refuse to be their bad example.

I have good kids (so far) Two of them are out of high school, married with babies (well, one baby is still cooking) and one is about finished with her college degree(s).   The other has his own business and is doing well.  We have one about to graduate HS and head to Florida for welding school, so that’s good!! Then there’s the three girl still in 7th and 10th grade.   I don’t if I’ll survive the rest of their MS/HS years so who knows if they will.  😂

The oldest is about to turn 16 and she plans to goto culinary school. The next is 13 and has no clue what she wants to do.. and the 12 year old plans to be a pediatric neurologist with three D’s on her report card (as of last Friday).
Hahahahahaha.  I told her at this rate she will be lucky if she can up-sell apple pie over the drive-thru speaker. 😂

Of course I was kidding and she knows that, so calm the hell down.  she was born with the sarcasm gene… she knows me.

I really don’t care what any of the kids do. If they want to up-sell apple pies at McD’s, they can… if they want to change oil at Valvoline, more power to them. Whatever makes them happy but they WILL do it with some kind of degree or certificate even if I have to walk them to class and sit beside them all day. There’s no options in today’s world.  I want them to move out and take care of themselves.  Maybe it’s selfish but once they are out I don’t want them to move back in. They need to sprout wings and fly…and they can’t do that if they have failed to get an education that will provide them a good career.
Knowutimean?  So ok.  I have to go now because I have things due by midnight TONIGHT!!  I’m pretty sure my professor is Satan.




3 thoughts on “Day 12- Last Semester

  1. I found you and I sort of like you. Ya, I think I want to read more. You’ve been around the block and I think your take on it is pretty straight up.
    Might have been thrown off by the, “I don’t have to work” comment. Never heard a woman say that out loud, even when it is the case. Think I like that attitude.


    1. I’m just me, Chick. And the, “I don’t have to work” comment ..hahaha trust me, it’s not that I’m wealthy it’s that we live in a 50 year old house and both old as hell cars are paid off. I’d actually do more damage than good by working, so I don’t. I did, but in don’t right now. 🙂 Glad you like my attitude. (My husband hates it) haha

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