Day 13 – The Thermostat Light


I’m a little OCD..and a little ADD.
Ok that’s a straight up lie.  I’m a whole lot of both and I’ll admit, I have a few quirks.  My biggest is any type of light on when I’m trying to sleep – it pisses me off.     I have black curtains in my room that match nothing simply because street lamps and passing headlights keep me awake.   It gets worse….
Inside the smoke detector is a little steady glowing red light that blinks green every 5 seconds. Know how I know that? Because I saw it once and I watched it, then I started counting the time between the blinks.  My husband was sweet. He took the smoke detector  apart and covered the teeny-tiny light with black tape so I couldn’t count it.
Did you just call me crazy? That’s not nice.  I’m not crazy – just easily distracted.  It’s not like I’m constantly washing my hands, opening and shutting the doors three times before I leave or avoiding stepping on cracks.  At least I’m not Bob.

Anyway, over the past few weeks the thermostat hasn’t clicked off much due to the North Pole living right outside my door and this is an issue for me. You’d think it would be the $300 electric bill that bothers me (that’s my husbands irritation) but it’s not, it’s the little red light across the hallway that is looking at me everytime I open my eyes!!!   Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought. I’d like to think that’s because most people don’t have 20/15 vision therefore they can’t even see the damn light… haha.  Yeah..who am I kidding? I’m Bob.
Oh well, at least the crazies I have can be fixed with black tape and alcohol. ūüėČ

Baby steps.



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