Day 14 – There’s no “I” in Team

The title sums my love for sports up perfectly.  I’m not a sports fanatic. Ive never played sports… well one time i joined a baseball team but I was thrown off after I got into a scuffle with Cindy Mitchell.  You see what happened was… her brother was also on the team and he grabbed me off of her and I bit him.  Like, I pulled meat from his arm and he had to get stitches, bit him.  Needless to say, that ended my career in sports. Hahahaha
I seriously couldn’t tell you any name of any current player on any team of any sport.  I wouldn’t even be able to tell you the name of our beloved UK basketball coach if he didn’t live just down the street where everytime we pass his house the girls  chant, “Look!! There’s Calipari’s house!!”  Like everytime we pass it.  Like, daily.

I’m sorry I’m a party-pooper but I just can’t buy into the hype of chasing a ball around no matter what fashion it’s being done. 
I’ve never seen a “real” game of anything – maybe that’s the problem.  I dunno.  All we have in Kentucky are the UK Wildcats; football and basketball.  Everyone in this state lives, breaths and craps  blue….well- unless the teams are having a bad season then the UK fans are the worst kind of fans with their trash talking and hating.  Who has time for that much bipolarity in their lives?
We had arena football a few year back and that was fun.  It’s was more entertainment and showboating than anything else.  I knew the owner of the team, the staff and all the players. I wanted them to succeed. (They didn’t)
We also had a minor league hockey team once- like a blue moon ago.  They were called the Thoroughblades. Kind of a clever name being that KY is known for its thoroughbred horses.  We never missed a home game. We all had our $150 jerseys, hats and foam fingers.  Watching guys beat the crap out of each other over a little frozen puck was the highlight of my week. The T-blades failed too. Nothing but the Wildcats survive in this hucklebug state.
And ain’t nobody got time for baseball, tennis or golf!

I do get excited for the Superbowl. I don’t watch the game but the commercials and the halftime show. Never know what “malfunction,” there. Haha
Then the there’s the winter and summer Olympics.  I don’t miss those.  Those are ok because it’s kind of cool to see people going 2000mph down ski slopes or diving from a mile high platform and not killing themselves.

I liked watching my son play football all through school (and wrestling) ..until I saw him get tackled or pinned. I was a nervous wreck most of those days. Then this kid grows up and decides on MMA.  Are you kidding me right now? Luckily for me he was pretty decent at it and he was able to win in the round in the first.  If he had a better opponent and the matches went all 3 rounds.. I’d damn near have heart failure.  Longest 1 to 9 minutes of my life. 


Tate probably thinks he had the least supportive mother on the planet.. that’s not the case at all.  I was (am) very proud of him in everything he has ever had the balls to do. Truthfully it was a love/hate thing. I loved watching him but at the same time, I hated watching something that could possibly take him from me.  That’s all. 

My dad raced.  He built the cars and whatnot, a dirt track modified to be exact.  The garage was fun, always something to do and learn but on race day I was Audi 5000! No way in hell was I going to sit for days watching a car go round and round on a dirt track. Nope.  So yeah, I don’t do NASCAR either. Not redneck enough I guess.

I basically suck where team playing is concerned.  I blame it on my school days where I was always the last one picked for the team.  Seriously, I was always chosen last. The fat, smelly kid was chosen before me.  Except for squaredancing.  Is that even a sport??
Why was this a grade in gym?
Flippin’ Kentucky, that’s why.




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