Day 15 – Another Man’s Treasure

As I was driving toward downtown today, I caught myself looking at other people’s trash on the side of the road.   Maybe I’m weird but I use to enjoy finding broken things and redoing them in my garage.  Once I found a ladder back chair and redid it with belts I bought from the Goodwill.  I saw a chair made the same way at Artique and it sold for more than $200!!  I made mine for less than $15.  I ended up giving it to my dad.


I don’t mind living paycheck to paycheck. I don’t mind that I’m not wealthy. I like the drafty old house in live in. The 2004 Mazda that I drive has seen way better days, but it’s paid off and it gets me where I want to go; not to mention that the old crusty dusty is cheap on insurance!!  Anyway, I like finding good trash on the side of the road, shopping at Goodwill, yard sales and thrift stores.  It’s fun!! You never know when you’re going to find a treasure.  Really!!   Once I found an old schoolbook book from the 1800’s.  I paid .50c for it and it was worth $800!!!  No, I didn’t sell the book; it’s in a box downstairs.  It has a hand sewn cloth cover and still contains the notes from the boy who owned it. It has his name and address in it too.  Money can’t buy that book from me.  To me, it’s amazing and I can’t believe someone took it to the Goodwill.

Don’t het me wrong, having more money would be nice. Sooooo nice.  I’d like to be able to travel a little bit more and eat out more often at better places but it’s not necessary. I am able to stay home and be here for the kids (and grabdbabies) without too much worry.  I’d be better content if I had more tools and an uncluttered basement that I could rework furniture and sculpt in again.  I would love to have a space that was solely mine, where I could go and step away from the world and into my own.  Being that there isn’t an inch of unoccupied space in my house, I should consifer myself lucky if I can take a 10 minute bath without a kid, husband or animal at my door.   😂 I’m not being mean, at least I’m not trying to be. I’m only thinking out loud. I miss my space. I miss my time.  I miss doing what I love to do.  I’ll get there…. someday.



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