Day 16 – Dreaming out loud

Last night as I stood in the shower with hot water and steam surrounding me, I looked out the window into the darkness.  Only a few lights from a neighboring house shown through the silhouette of trees.  The world outside still, and frozen.   I usually open the window when I shower.  I like how the fresh air mixes with the steam.  When it’s cold out, the steam turns into a mad fog; dense.
This post isn’t about the shower, or the steam… my ADD took control for a moment. Sorry. 😋
What was going through my mind as I stood in the shower looking out the window is what this post is supposed to be about.  I was thinking, “If I could live anywhere in the world without worry, where would it be?”
I think most people would pick somewhere tropical, especially if they’re like me and hate the cold.  Maybe others would pick a place that feeds their particular sense of adventure, (sports team, the great outdoors, etc.) It didn’t take me long to know the answer.  I would live right where I do now, central Kentucky.   It’s not bad here.  Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky, the people are diverse, and the scenery changes like east to west as one travels from the little downtown that could with its two buildings to rolling hills and several-million dollar horse farms.  In other words, its a great place for great pictures.

Kentucky isn’t like any other state.  We have 4 distinct seasons, none of which is too extreme. We have so much to offer for entertainment, IF you like small town living entertainment; shine makin’, bourbon drinkin’, all night bowlin’, mud-runnin’, fishin’, hikin’, horse racin’, gun slingin’, deer killin’ entertainment. But if you prefer a more highfalutin kind of entertainment we also have Starbucks complete with FREE wifi. Don’t get no better than that, yall!!

Another fun thing about Kentucky, there’s no law that requires you to drive only cars on the road.  That’s right!  Here in Kentucky we can drive dune-buggies, tractors, dirt bikes, backhoes, horses AND lawn mowers on our main roads!!   I’ve seen it, sooo it must be ok. HHmmm…. I wonder if you have to obtain a certain type of license to drive a lawn mower on a main street? Something to Google!

(sigh) Who am I kidding?  I don’t like living this damn hucklebug state.  This is a state to visit- not live in.  It’s a kick back and relax kind of state and ain’t nobody got time for that!  I can relax when I’m dead!! If I had my druthers I’d live in a big city with buildings so tall you can’t tell the real temperature outside.  I’d like to live in a condo or loft where I could have a veggie garden on my balcony or rooftop and never have to hear a lawn mower or smell horse crap. I would love to walk everywhere I wanted to go, like to the aquarium, the park or the water front.  I’d love to live where there are specialty stores only, for example; the butcher. Just a butcher, not a butcher plus other shit. Knowutimean? I don’t want to buy a good cut of red meat and a box of tampons at the same time. That’s just too uncomfortable.  I like to cook so I will need a cheese shop, several types of ethnic markets for spices and oils, oh and a liquor store that carries good wine.  I want thrift stores, tattoo parlors, and back ally restaurants that serve food so good you forget what your mommas’ taste like!!  And let’s not forget that I need an opera or play house that I can dress up and go to on weekends. When I have had enough of big city living I can take vacation to my birthplace or move to Florida to die like all the other old people. Right?

Yeah so that’s me dreaming out loud. That’s all that is by the way, a dream.  The place I’d like to live is downtown Chicago, but it’s too far for me to stay as close as I need to be, so it can be the place I vacation to when I’ve had enough of this small town livin’.    Before I know it, like my 91 year old grandmother, I will be the oldest member of this hot mess and while I’m calling all of the shots from my recliner on Thanksgiving, Imma want to look at the faces around my table and see what I’ll be leaving behind.

Bad pix of my and my Nana. It was her first “usie?” 😂


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