Day 24 – Funkytown

Garlic. That’s what I smelled like after dinner up until about 5 minutes ago.  I hate that – going out to eat and leaving smelling like whatever style of cuisine it was you ate. Tonight was Italian with its huge garlicky breadsticks, supreme pizza, cabernet and ricotta pie.




After dinner I chewed gum, ate mints..nothing could kill that garlic! That garlic was strong, like vampire resistant strong.

Anyway, it’s not just Italian food, Mexican food might be the worst. Whenever I leave a Mexican joint I pretty much get home and have to burn my clothes.  The smell of onions and Mexican meat permeates my entire room. 
Oh and I don’t know where you grew up but I did a lot of growing up in a black neighborhood and lemme tell ya, those black women can cook!! Every Friday in the hood there’s a fish fry, that’s because all week the uncles and granddaddies had been out fishin’.  If you’ve never experienced this lemme tell ya how it goes.  Freshly caught, cleaned fish is soaked in milk, rolled in seasoned cornmeal, dipped in egg and rolled in seasoned cornmeal one more time then dropped into turkey deep friers (far away from the house)  When they float back up, they’re scooped out, seasoned again, then served.  Fish fries in the  neighborhood weren’t free.. they were $5; which was pretty cheap considering what you got.  You just strolled up to whoevers house was fryin’, paid your $5 and in just a few minutes you were handed a plate with more food than you could handle.  On the plate was a bun loaded with whatever kind of fish that was biting that week, greens, and either slaw or sometimes baked beans or sometimes both!!  For a drink you got Kool-aid.  Haha TRUE STORY!!! No one sat around eating though, you took your plate and your red drink with oranges floating in it and you left.  Ain’t nobody got time for loitering.
Sometimes my son played football in that park for middle school and the fish fries would be booming.  The only downside to these things… everyone smelled like fish grease.  The whole damn neighborhood!!

Indian food is bad too. Taste amazing but leaves you smelling like curry for days. Curry spices like, stick to your arteries or something because you sweat it out long after you ate it.
Oh and KFC.. yeah chicken grease is just as bad.  You leave KFC and all the strays in the neighborhood will chase you down.

Man.. still.. nothing is worse than Mexican food.  That stuff makes you smell funky like BO.
Yep. It’s definitely the worst.



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