Day 27 – Rotten

To have been a poor white child growing up, I’ve always been pretty spoiled.  Maybe that’s because I didn’t know I was poor… hell, I didn’t even know I was white!! I’m not kidding. Half of my life I lived in a predominantly black neighborhood but I just thought I was light “skin’ded” or albino or something.  I fit right in with my hair style. 😂 My aunt would sit for hours microbraiding my hair- I know her wrist had to be falling off the bone, but she couldn’t stop with the braids, I had to have multicolored, multilayered beads on each strand.  Now listen, us light skin’ded black kids don’t have hair like the darker skin’ded kids.  Darker skin’ded kids had the kind of hair that you could just twist on the end and the braids (and beads) would stay put.  Not me though. My stick straight hair made my braids look like they had tiny little paint brushes on the ends, tied togther with little rubberbands.  And lemme tell ya, those damn things were torture coming out!  Rubber bands back in my day were made of rubber, not fancy schmancy anti-breakage elastic. Kids these days don’t know what hard times are hahahaha.

Anyway, I didn’t know I was poor because my parents always dressed me in fine clothes and shoes and I always had the latest toys and whatnot and I got to get the 64 pack of crayons – not the 8 pack..that’s how you know you’re spoiled right there.

My dad likes to tell the story about how my momma spent over $500 for girlie  Christmas toys for me; dolls, Barbies, Barbie penthouse, kitchen set…  blah, blah, blah… but he spent like $20 for a set of Tonka trucks and that’s what I played with. Oh, it gets better- –
I was so spoiled that my dad built me a sandbox in my bedroom so I could play with my Tonka backhoe and dump truck in it. Who else do you know that had a private sandbox IN THEIR BEDROOM?? Yeah, that pretty much meant I was the shit.     When I was little my dad had just started with with telephone company. He made like $3.50 an hour which was better than minimum wage back in 1979. My mom worked at Dunkin Donuts for tips.  To have had such little money, I never did without.

Truth is, I’m still spoiled.  It’s also true what they say about little girls and their daddy’s.. but I don’t if he is wrapped around my little finger or if I am wrapped around his. 

*side thought:: I know I’m 40 but I wonder if my dad will buy me a real limited edition Tonka truck for Christmas this year?




2 thoughts on “Day 27 – Rotten

  1. Beautiful and heart warming father-daughter story. Typically well written by you – keep it up!! As for the limited edition Tonka truck, I want one too!! Does it also come in red? Have a lovely day!


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