Day 30 – Unplug your kids

You know whats wrong with kids today? Their parents!! It’s the parents that are making the next generation fat, lazy and unable to cope in the real world.

When I was a kid I went outside to play… allllllll damn day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t just turned out – I had to check-in every now and then to let my parents know that I was still alive, otherwise, I was outside until the streetlights came on.  Where I grew up kids actually played sports together, rode bikes, walked around the neighborhood… we hung out.  Really hung out. We knew how to socialize.   We didn’t have ADHD. We didn’t backtalk, roll our eyes or siiiiigh either. If did once, we didn’t do it again that’s for sure.  And before you start in with a big hoopty-doo about spankings and blah-blah-blah..  I can honestly say I don’t every remember getting a spanking. I can also say honestly that I have maybe once spanked my older kids but never my 13 year old.  I didn’t need a spanking because I knew not to be disrespectful. Simple as that.  Not today’s kids though–   rude as hell.  Blame their parents. I do.

     I moved into the trailer park when I was going into 6th grade, I guess I was about 11ish???   The trailer park is where the rest of my growing up happened from the age of 11 until I got married. (the first time- that’s a whole other blog, man)  Like I was sayin’, kids back in my day knew how to be kids.  In the trailer park we hung out for hours, every day, down at the basketball court. We would have the Beastie Boys drinking Brass Monkey, Tone Loc trying to get off of the Funky Cold Medina, Bobby Brown trying to prove a point, making sure we all knew it was his prerogative, Milli Vanilli blaming everything on the damn rain, and Axel trying to get us all to go with him to paradise city.   We were awesome kids!!!

That era was all about the car…..someone was always coming of age in the trailer park which meant they had a car to park down at the basketball court that we could sit on- – sitting on a trunk with your boom-box (don’t act like you didn’t have one!!) was cool.   I remember this one girl, I think her name was Angie, she had a blue Pacer- hell, maybe it was a Gremlin- either way, it was the biggest lemon ever, but back then, we thought we were the shit sitting in it while she did laps around the trailer park practicing for her license.. hahahaha      Brandenburg had this pale yellow Olds 442.  The wheels probably cost more than his trailer, no joke.  He would be outside every weekend shirtless, in his cut-offs, with his perfect BeeGee’s feather just a’waxing and a’polishing…  mmmm hhmmm.. he was a cutie for sure.  haha.   OH!!  And how could I forget about Chuck’s car? I have no idea what it was but it was huge and metallic green! The inside was like white and he had a kick-ass stereo system.  He wasn’t cute though… he looked like Lamb Chop on cocaine. Again, no joke.   My friends step-dad had a pretty cool car; a 68 GTO (I just had to text him and ask him what it was) It had this “toxic lead paint,” per my friend, and when you touched it, it would rub off or turn the car bluish-purple.   yep – cars and stereo systems- we were awesome kids!!

We had so much fun- something today’s kids know nothing about.  We didn’t have cell phones.  We didn’t have X-box XXV, Wii fit, PlayStation or laptops.  If we were lucky we had an old Atari or a Nintendo-  (just Nintendo, Mario was flat, man.) And when we were sick of our games, we had to trade with a friend because we couldn’t download them from the internet.  And omg.. remember when your game wouldn’t work so you had to take it out and blow in it?  Sometimes the system itself was messed up so you had to put the game cartridge in and put like a folded up piece of paper in with it to hold it down just right.  Lemme just add, even though we had our game systems, we weren’t allowed to play it all day, like kids do today.   Our parents wanted us out of the house and we wanted out of the house.  We wanted to spend the night with our friends…  it was AWFUL if we got grounded and had to stay in.

Oh, AND let me just point out a little something-something, almost no one was over-weight. We might of had ONE fat kid on our team when playing games at school; MAYBE.  I can’t even think of one off the top of my head. I really can’t. Nowadays you’re lucky if you have one thin kid on your team.  And don’t get me started on the pale, gauntly kids who have apparently never received natural vitamin D a day in their life. That’s because kids don’t play outside.  Their parents allow them to sit, eat and get fat.  No one cooks anymore either- it’s all about go-go-go, fast, fast, faster- –  drive-thru’s, microwaves and prepackaged artery clogging, diabetes causing convenience.  GO TEAM PARENTS!!!  Woot! Woot!

Unplugging and going outside helps to developed all kinds of skills kids need in their adult life, like how to work as a team, how to lose, how to argue, how to fight and how to say they’re sorry.  They learn how to stand up for and to each other. These things are the things that still bond my childhood friends and I together, 30 years later.  Today’s generation of kids will never know those kinds of bonds; can’t make real friends in an online world, people.  Unplug your kid.

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