Day 32- Planes, Taxi’s and Ships! OH MY!!

The first time I ever flew in a plane was back in 1997 from Lexington to Atlanta to Miami.  Was fun. I think the best part of the flight is the take-off and landing.  Freaking awesome!!
I turn into the biggest 4 year old when I fly.. constantly oooo’ing and aahhh’ing while looking out the window. The only time I didn’t like a flight was when I spent 12 hours over the freaking ocean……at night.  That’s another post though.

Anyway, so after a short layover in Atlanta I was back on flight to Miami. That flight was pretty.  A lot of that time in air the plane straddled land and sea- the contrast was something from an art gallery.  Looking out of my window was ocean, glancing across the small plane and out of the other window was land.  It was like being in a twilight zone elisode and I was totally amazed. Haha. (Doesn’t take much)
When I landed I got my bags and hailed my very first taxi!! How exciting!!  The cab driver looked like someone straight off of I Love Lucy .. he had a carmel complexion, onyx hair and eyes to match. Black dress pants and a bright purple silky looking shirt.  He was very nice as he drove me to port; talking about Miami and asking me questions about where I was from and if I had ever been to Miami before. I kept watching his shirt shimmering in the sun as I answered his questions.  Honestly I just wanted to touch it.  It was all in could do not to touch his shirt. I’m such a weird-o.     His radio played some sort of Latino inspired diddy that had me wiggling in the backseat but the cab itself smelled bad, like salt and fish flakes- probably because he had the windows down and we were near the ocean.  I dunno but he definitely needed an air freshner, for real.

FYI: I had been to Florida a handful of times to vacation (previous post) but never to Miami.  Miami is NOTHING like Siesta Key.   Miami was festive and it was buzzing with life whereas Siesta Key is pretty much where old people go to die.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, at the port I was absolutely  flabbergasted.  Completely and utterly speachless at the size and quantity of all the ships.  I guess I assumed there’d be like my ship and maybe a few little sailboats or something, I really had no clue what to expect.  And the ships just kind of snuck up on me… I didn’t see them them from the cab until I turned into the docking area, then it like like BAM!!  Ships galore.  I just couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it and it has been 18 years. 

The ships’ name was Carnival Destiny and OMG it was gorgeous.  While people are boarding, the ship is really crowded and chaotic. I kept getting pushed, bumped and shoved because I kept standing in awe with my mouth on the floor.  The elevator just kept going up..and up.. and up.  This ship was flippin’ enormous!!  The only thing close to a ship I’d ever been on was a pontoon out in the middle of Laurel Lake. Hahaha
I wish I was kidding.

Once I found my stateroom and unloaded my crap I head back out to explore up on deck.  Pools, bars, chairs.. people and music and people… being a social butterfly, I was in heaven!!  I remember standing at the railing of the deck and looking out at all of the other ships in port.  I couldn’t believe I had just flown in two planes, hailed a taxi and now I was standing on the deck of this huge ass ship.   I really cannot say it enough, it was amazing!!!! 

The worst part happened right before we launched.  The Captain decided we needed to have sinking ship drill and he had everyone go back to their stateroom to grab big ole orange life preserver’s and bring them back up to your designated deck.  This task made me nervous. I’m not one for listening or following directions… and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure I knew how to get back to my stateroom.  I had help the first time and I didn’t pay attention.😨

I did make it back to my room and I did find my huge orange neck float thingy and I did find a deck… not really sure if it was my deck but it was a deck and it had a lifeboat and well, that was ok with me because here’s the deal people..
if the ship starts to sink I’m telling ya right now, I don’t really care which deck I’m supposed to be on, Imma go to the one I’m closest to and Imma get on one of those lifeboats, I Guarandamnteeya that!!  Hell-  I saw Titanic and I’m not trying to float on a scrap of ship out in the middle of Jaws’ neighborhood. Nope.

Ok so… this ship had 17 floors of bars, tv walls, dance clubs, places to eat, pools, hot tubs, gyms, salons, stores, people and much more.  The ships  photographer seemed to pop out of the walls. Everyday I’d check the gallery and find several photos of myself with random people!  So funny.  I pretty much invented the photobomb. 😂

I loved dressing up and going to dinner.  Every night was a different theme – the waiters dressed up and they would sing dance. It was fantastic. 
The worst thing I ever put in my mouth happened on that ship; escargot. That little snail made my kneepits sweat.  I didn’t want to eat it but everyone else at the table was wolfing them down so.. I pulled it out of its little shell and I popped it into my mouth. I chewed it one time and swallowed it whole.  It taste like a salty ball of snot.  So gross. Secretly I hoped it was really dead and wouldn’t attempt to crawl out….. from either end.

Our waiters name was, Jude. He was from India.  He had been on the ship for the two years it had been in commission.  He was saving money for a wedding and a house.  How sweet.  Every night Jude smiled and served us enthusiastically so my table decided we wanted to do something for him at the end of the week.  Somehow I got voted to sing the Beatles hit, “Hey Jude,” to him on the last morning after breakfast.  I didn’t know the words so they all taught me. 
Now, if you didn’t already know this about me, I’m telling you now, I suffer from extreme stage fright. I had nervous diarrhea and everything.  It was bad.  I calm down once I get going but that first step is always a doozy.   I did end up pulling it off.  Jude just sat smiling from ear to ear. After he said no one had ever been so nice.
That was probably the best part of the entire time on the ship.

Tomorrow: port Playa del Carmen, Mexico 




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