Day 36 – Friends

I love my friends, I really do.  I have only a handful of close ones but all of those few, all are dear to heart.  Each one of my friends are successful men and women, with good morals and witty senses of humor. I have no “bad” friends; not too many people can say that.  All of my pals enjoy a drink or three and good conversation.  My friends are scattered across the world; some I see next to never but nonetheless, we remain close through calls, texts, emails and social media.  When we do manage to cross paths, our time together is as though we’ve never been apart.  That’s real, that’s love. Real love.

Tonight was dinner, beer and Keno with Chad.  Chad might be my oldest friend. I’ve known him since I was somewhere around 12 years old (I’m 41 this year) I admire Chad, I always have. He’s one of the most laid back, intelligent people I know.  When we were kids he hooked a headlight up on the front of his bicycle with some wire, batteries and a small light. That’s a smart kid!  Chad is one of the funniest people I know.  I’ve never been around him and ceased to giggle. I love him.

I have another friend named Kelly.. we met in 1993 when I bought a house from her in- that was haunted.😨 Bitch didn’t admit it until like last year hahaha and OMG have we had the laughs.  Big ole belly laughs so deep they hit the bladder.  No joke. Our thing is margaritas and laughing – it’s what we do.  Kelly has to be one of the most patient and forgiving people I know.  She has taught me so much about the true meaning behind the word, “friend,” and I love her.

Courtney. Omg is she silly.  One time Courtney and I decided to suck the jelly out of the Krispy Kreme’s and replace it with mustard. Haha Our co-worker, Gosa wasn’t too happy about it.  There’s not much Courtney and I didn’t do.   On Wednesdays during lunch we’d drove aroud listening to the worst God awful sing, “Harper Valley PTA,” Billy Rae Cyrus version while flashing passerby’ers.  We called it, “W.O.W.” (whip’em out Wednesday)  I’ll never forget one day her dad, who worked with us part time, asked us what WOW meant….. 😂😂😂   so funny.
Courtney has been my go-to for many years. I had a stalker once who found me at work and wouldn’t leave me alone.  Courtney went outside and cussed him out and threatened to shoot him if he came back. Hahaha She would have too. I love her.

I have another bestie named Brian. I met B on a blood mobile while doing a blood drive for work. I’d never donated blood before and while I waited I obviously looked like a newbie. I was a nervous wreck. B sensed it and told me not to worry- that the “square needles with barbs on the sides” didn’t hurt too much.  I almost passed out- fucker. B is the first person I ever got pulled over with .. the first person I ate hot wings with. One never forgets their first. Haha I love him.

Gosa is my little Mexican friend. He has the most beautiful eyes and man, he sure likes to debate. If I said the sky was blue he’d argue is was green and almost convince you it was!! He’s so funny too. Gosa has a brilliant mind, writes beautifully. I use to love to read his blogs.  He’s the one we fed mustard donuts to oh..and a baby octopus that he chewed up and hacked out on my desk like 5 times.  I was thbme worst voss everrrr….. hahahaha.  Gosa’s heart took him to college to become a special education teacher. I bet he’s the best teacher ever. I love him.

DJ. I met Dj on accident really. I was waking through a dark and seemingly empty church at night when I heard someone singing in the sactuary. I cracked the doors to peek inside and there he was.. a young mixed boy playing a keyboard, eyes closed and pouring his heart out to Jesus.  Lord knows that in that church, Jesus was the only true friend he had.  Dj’s voice was like silk… something you just wanted to curl up in and dream; still is. I loved Dj the first moment we sat down and spoke. His heart was pure and his intentions always golden.  Many times my heart broke for him while he was being pushed away by those who claimed to care.  It took him awhile but he finally figured out who he was and I couldn’t be more proud to call him my friend. My love for Dj has never and will never falter.

I have friends who I know I could call, anytime day or night and they’d be there. I cant write about them all tonight but they know who they are. I know without a doubt they love me just as much as I love them and I suppose that makes me lucky, very lucky.




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