Day 42 – Restlessness

Have you ever had one of those days that no matter how busy you are, you’re still bored?  Today started at 6am and it has been non-stop ever since.  You name it, I’ve pretty much done it today, no joke.  Let’s see- –  my husband and I moved an entire living room set through the house, off the deck, through the backyard and into the basement.  I watched as the new set was delivered and set up.   We went across the street to Dunkin and gobbled down 50 randomly picked donut holes and iced coffee before heading over to the funeral home in the next town over for a visitation of an old friend who had passed over the weekend.    After returning to Lexington, I hit up the mall for a little shopping.

…. at home I reorganized the kids side of the basement since I loaded it down with all of the old furniture (they have a nice little flat now) then I worked on a tabletop and its legs for Rae. (grand-baby)  My dad came by on his lunch break and hung out for awhile; then back to working on Rae’s table I went.  It’s starting to look pretty damn good!!

I did manage to text with a couple of good friends today and o.m.g. I am addicted to the STUPIDEST game. “Crossy Road.” It’s basically the 2015 version of Frogger. I played it after my sick child came home from school to pass some dead-space in my day.

Dinner, Rae’s table, homework, blog.

As non-stop as this day has been, as productive as it has been, as good as it has been- I still feel restless. Why wasn’t I born with an ‘off’ button?



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