Day 43 – “The Slap”

Ok so I’ve been waiting to view this mini series for a couple of weeks now and tonight was the night.  I have to say that I liked it but I hope it gets better or- – it’s going to a complete disappointment. 

Part 1 or 8:
A man going through a mid-life crisis is is turning 40. His wife decides to throw him a party where his overbearing Greek mother unintentionally takes over creating tension.  Then his siblings, cousins and teenage (almost) love affair spin out of control while the kids are playing wiffle-ball.   One of the bratty kids (who is about 6, has caused one problem after another the entire time he’s been around) starts swinging a wooden bat at the other kids and one of the adult cousins gets on him aggressively. The brat kicks the adult and the adult slaps the brat.

Ok.  Honestly I would have been pissed if someone slapped one of my kids. However, if my kid was being an ass all day and kicked a family memeber, well, I’d still be pissed but I’d get over it.  I would have shouted a few obsenities and possibly thrown an empty at my adult cousins head …but then that would have been that.  So…
It’s going to be interesting to see how this mini series will unfold.  Looks like the adult who did the slapping is going to be arrested and there’s going to be a trial.  Good greif.

By the way, the brat who got slapped, remember I told you he was about 6 year old?  Well, he’s still on the nipple…
His goofy momma whipped it out everytime he threw a tantrum.  If you ask me, it’s the momma who should have been slapped.




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