Day 46 – Milk Sandwiches

This morning was crazy cold.  We all piled in the car only to go NOWHERE but down the frozen driveway.  My husband tried to give it a running start but the tires only peeled the ice and smoke came pouring out of the vents…  gross.
My husband and I got out and put down some ice melt and cat litter and tried again.  Good news is we made it up the hill and to church, bad news, we all smelled like burnt rubber and no one sat by us.

Why do people run out to the grocery and buy up all the bread and milk everytime the weatherman says it’s gonna snow?  Are milk sandwiches popular during winter storms?
And why on earth do people listen to the weatherman anyway?  He is NEVER right? They say 100% chance of rain aaaaand it doesn’t rain.  Now if it’s only 30% chance, down will pour a monsoon.
Same with snow.  The weatherman gets everyone’s panties in a wad over an “expected” 7-10″ and it doesn’t snow enough to cover the grass but let them say we’re expecting a “dusting,” and you won’t find your flippin car when you walk outside to goto work the next day. True story.

….. I went to the grocery today, not because it is supposed to snow but because if I didn’t the kids were going to starve to death tomorrow.  None of them are home during the week because they are busy with school. I Knew they’d be home tomorrow regardless of the possible snow because of President’s Day. I don’t think I had that day off when I was a kid. Hmmm….
Anyway, I braved the frigid cold air and went to the grocery to buy food for the kiddos and for the next two weeks – –  o.m.g. apparently I’m insane. 
Everyone and their momma was at Kroger and Costco AND Walmart buying milk and bread. That’s crazy to me. Don’t they need anything peanut butter or ham??
While I stood in line to leave I totally judged the woman in front of me. I don’t know what the hell she was wearing, some sort of leggings but they looked like denim and had patches on the knees like some sort of strange riding breeches and her butt had a weird crease…like not her crack crease, she had a crack crease and panty line creases- this was a sideways crease.  I kept staring at it trying to figure it out.  Eventually I pointed it out to my husband thinking maybe he could figure it out.  Nope. 
Miss. Weird Butt Crease had the personality of a stick too.  I’m pretty sure that’s why she bought the prune juice – to work it out later.
After waiting in line to check-out for 30 minutes it was fianally my turn and the cashier was on it!! She was beeping her ass off but her bagger girl was super slow. This was the hold up the whole time.  It doesn’t matter how fast one scans if you have cold molasses bagging.  Good grief.

Ok!  So I’m home and everything is put away.  The driveway has been sprayed with a liquid de-icer and we have a pile of wood (and fire starters) just in case the weatherman is right and we get a crap-ton of snow.  We are prepared to be warm even if the electric goes out; might have to eat frozen pizza on a stick in the fireplace but we will be warm and we won’t have to eat milk sandwiches.



6 thoughts on “Day 46 – Milk Sandwiches

  1. love it….milk sandwiches. it never fails, as soon as there is the possibility of a storm here, you can’t find anything in the store. people shop like it’s Christmas and the shops are going to be shut for a month. even then, people buy like mad, and shops are closed for what…..half a day? as i said, loved it, just heard storm on the way… to the shops….

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      1. london, ontario….about two hours from detroit. temp is going down to about -30C tomorrow….again. that’s about -22F without the wind chill added. the snow is so heavy now, that my snowblower won’t even toss it….it just clogs the chute and pushes it down the driveway.


      2. We don’t have this kind of winter – usually. There’s no salt, no snow shovels … we have garden hoses and bathing suits. LOL Was record low here two days ago at -23Ā°F. Today it’s like 35Ā°F.

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      3. we’d kill for 35F. we’ve been in the low -20’sC for the past month…getting used to it. have gone through 4 cans of gas on my snowblower this year,…and about 50 pounds of driveway salt. also, my shovel gets lonely if i don’t pick it up once a day….


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