Day 49 -The Media

The media really pisses me off. I don’t usually watch the news because the first 30 minutes is death and destruction and the last 20 minutes is bad weather reporting.  Somewhere in the middle there’s about 10 minutes dedicated to a few stories that are taken way out of context.

Let’s look at the Joe Biden story that’s blowing up all over the place.  I’ve seen the video and maybe I’m slow or something but I didn’t catch that Biden did anything “wrong” until someone pointed it out to me, and still I was like…what?  I didn’t get it- like at all.   Biden invited Stephanie Carter to come stand near her husband, Ash Carter as he was being sworn in. Biden gives a little shoulder squeeze and leans in to whisper something in Stephanie’s ear.  So what? Why is the media having a field day with this? I’ve read (and heard) folks saying Biden was smelling her hair and that Biden was being “inappropriate.”   Ok I understand there’s an image this man must obtain but co’mon now he’s not a creeper.  He’s just touchy. Some people are like that and this isn’t his first go ’round. That aside, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and his wife Stephanie are good friends to the Biden’s so..yeah.. I don’t see what the big deal is.   Biden wasn’t slipping her the damn tongue. Geeze.

My next gripe about the media is another story I heard today about the wreck Bruce Jenner had that killed a 65 year old woman.   Apparently a bus camera caught it all and someone recreated it and it turned out to be Jenner’s fault. That sucks but at least it can be dealt with accordingly.  The gripes comes in to play for two reasons:
(1) the media called the deceased female a “65 year old widow”   Please tell me what her marital status had to do with anything?
(2) the media later says, “Bruce Jenner, who recently began gender transformation…”     What the hell does that matter?  The news previously reported that Jenner was not running from the poparazzi and he wasn’t distracted by his… why is his decision to become a chick important to this new find? 

The media makes mountains out of mole hills.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.




One thought on “Day 49 -The Media

  1. Thanks for making me stop and think. I don’t like Biden, but it’s much ado about not much. Having said that, if he did that to my wife, the Secret Service would have to stop me from grabbing Joe!

    The Jenner thing? I don’t care about his gender, but today, for better or worse, that’s what he’s known for. The age of the woman? I don’t know…what if it was an 18 year old girl killed?

    I am not a fan of programmatic news with garbage as filler. It’s all about exploiting anything and everything.


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