Day 52 – Not What, but How

My pop came by this morning after spending time (and money) over at the gun range. Apparently they were having a sale and he wanted to stop by and show me his new “toy.”    He bought a sweet little S&W 9mm called The Shield, lightweight and perfect for concealment.     Anyway, that’s another post, this post is about the stories my pop tells. Smh.  I know he’s telling the truth but when he tells the truth he does so in a way that leaves you questioning whether or not he’s kidding or maybe exaggerating somewhat. I mean, when you tell and story and stop to think of a word…and all you can do is come up with a facial expression; it feels like a damn lie. Hahaha
That’s how my pop does it.  He starts telling his story about someone he knows (usually a close family member) and at the end he sums it all up with a single look.  So funny.  Today his going on’s were directed towards him and his older brother; my uncle Joe.  Lemme see if I can get this straight for ya.

My grandpa is ex-military and when my pop was a boy they lived somewhere in Oklahoma right off base.  My pop and uncle Joe were out playing in the street when they found some sort of ball – per my pop, “It looked like a rolled up piece if aluminum foil about the size of a golf ball,” as he held up his fat little sausage fingers to make the “ok” sign. 😂  Pop says he took the ball into his mom and asked her what it was.  His momma tells him she doesn’t know, to just set it up in the mantle and ask his dad when he got home.  That’s what he did.
A little later his dad comes home and my pop runs to the mantle grabs the foil ball and runs back to his dad with it.  My grandpa snatches it from my pops hands and asks him sternly, “Where did you get this?”  My pop tells him he found it in the street while they were all outside playing.     My pop says that grandpa’s face looked nervous as he told him to run outside and tell all the boys to come in for a second.  Pop runs out, gets all the kids round up and they came back in to my grandpa.   My grandpa tells them to watch as he steps outside with the foil ball.  The kids gather at the window and watch as grandpa throws the foil ball to the ground— BOOM!!
Pop said there was a hole, “this big in the ground,” as he holds his hands out to the size of a salad plate.  He said concrete and dirt flew everywhere.

Inside the foil ball was a teeny-tiny bit of whatever exploding crap is inside a torpedo – the foil ball was used as a training tool so soldiers would know what a torpedo could do on a larger scale. The mystery around the foil ball was no longer what it was but rather how in the hell it got OFF base and into the hands of a 5 year old.



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