Day 60 – Electronic Friendship

My poor neglected blog.  It’s been three days since I was here last; so sad. 😥 Have I even been missed? I highly doubt it but I can honestly say that I have missed reading many of y’alls posts. It’s funny how people connect and I don’t mean just by following, friending, liking, or commenting. I mean really connect, as in become electronic friends.   In reality I know only a handful of you in real life but many of you I feel connected to, like a strange sort of cyber-friendship I guess.  Although I’ve never met 95% of you I don’t feel that it’s weird in any way to feel a connection beyond “following.”  It’s how we do things in 2015.   We electronically share our lives everytime we Facebook, Tweet, blog, Instagram, chat, Skype, text and email..or whatever social media you use. Nowadays we even find love online. I am all for social media, man. It’s rocks!  No inconvenience and you have a choice to run your thoughts through a filter before responding to someone. 

I will admit that I don’t even like talking on the phone –  when my cell rings, 9 times out of 10 I’ll let it go to voice mail, then I’ll text the caller back.   Phone conversation went out with the beeper back in 1994.  Haha  You know I’m right and you know your guilty too.

I do love seeing my buddies though …nothing can beat a cold beer or hot coffee and a good conversation but that’s not something that I want everyday. I like my space plus I’ve already seen from social media everything my pals have been up to… sooo there’s no need to call or hang out too often.  I like it that way!! I feel that when my friends and I do come together it’s always fun because we’ve been away for enough time to have missed each other. 
People who want call and talk for hours or have to see each other all the time get on my last nerve.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!!  I’m like, just send me a text.      Hell, my New Year’s resolution was to write everyday but …well… it’s damn hard to write every single day when you’re a momma, a Nana, a wife and full-time student.  I don’t want to make my blog a daily journal (That’s what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are for haha)  

With that I’ll go. It’s getting late and my day starts early tomorrow.  

G’night yall.



2 thoughts on “Day 60 – Electronic Friendship

  1. Brilliant blog! Agree totally with your views. And just so you know you were dearly missed 🙂 Hope you won’t skip a day again this year, there are folks looking out for your words of inspiration! Wishing you all the best with your studies and a Happy March? Is spring in the air? Not yet I guess. Cheers!


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