Day 61- UK Campus

So today I braved UK campus- only because I had to!  I needed to pick my daughter-in-law up because her car was in the shop.  Man o’ man what a mess.  Closed roads, one-way streets, snow piles..!!!!    Certain times of the day those kids swarm like mad hornets and unfortunately Aisha was somewhere in the middle of the dang hive!! 😈 I GPS’ed her building and that stupid thing had me in the middle of the intersection telling me, “You have arrived at your destination.”  (Ummmm pretty sure that’s a big negative GPS lady)  So I did what any normal person would do- – I went down a one-way the wrong way. It was the perfect plan…  well, until a car came right at me, then I started sweating like a man and drove in reverse.  Hahaha I’m thankful my pop was a racecar builder and driver.

I managed to make it out alive and without running over any jaywalkers.  Stupid kids. They just dart right out in front of drivers with their huge coats, backpacks and scarfs on like they have the right to do so at any and every point on the street.     Here’s a tip kids: use the crosswalk because I don’t care how many layers you’re wearing… it’s gonna hurt when you shoot out in front of mommas Mazda.  ZOOM.ZOOM.ZOOM.


Just kidding.  I wouldn’t hit a pedestrian on purpose but I will pretty much guarantee that I’ll lay on the horn and use my middle finger.  A lot.


4 thoughts on “Day 61- UK Campus

      1. Ha…it’s true. I guess he’d be Raphael. A few days ago I wrote a short piece about my childhood. Within that, I nearly referenced A Christmas Story. So, when I saw your post, I chuckled.


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