Day 67 – 8 Weeks in hell

Usually my classes are done in 8 week intensives, which means I cram the “normal” 16 weeks worth of material into 8. Biology however is 16 weeks… 
16 weeks of hell!!!
I’ve just completed a test and my first 8-  I get a week off before starting my last 8. 

For the most part I have only had to take classes pertaining to my degree in criminal justice, which I’m thamkful for….so can someone please explain to me why on earth I need a biology class?  Are there criminals out there who care about the reproductive organs of the ginkgo biloba tree? Honestly it was interesting for the first few sentences but after two textbook chapters on tree vaginas and penis’s – I’m done.  I don’t want to discuss either of them again, like everrrr….  



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