Day 72 – Spring Weekend

Man. I’ve really crapped out on writing a blog post everyday for my New Year’s resolution.  I’ve thought about blogging every single day but I just don’t have all that much to say. I guess when it all boils down, I’m just not that interesting of a person.  I’ve never wanted to treat my blog as some sort of “Bridget Jones” type of diary but in reality I guess that’s what blogs are, a collection of thoughts, opinions, arguments and ideas.

Tonight I lie in my bed with only the reflection of this weekend buzzing about my mind. A walk through an arboretum in the rain, a chicken gyro and Brad Pitt as Jesse James on dvd. There was church followed by back porch sittin’ in the warm spring sun, earbuds, music, the dog and a beer.  
A birthday party bbq; grilled meat, german chocolate cupcakes and sweet tea.  A house full of grown kids teasing… laughing… and the grandbabies- one who enjoyed painting her face (and her aunts face) with watercolors while the other kicked his mommy’s belly from the inside due to the excitement surrounding him.
Cleaning, laundry, Netflix Originals and a cocoa buttered sunburn. Yes a sunburn! I’m super excited to display a wonderful pink stain upon my milky white skin- a tint that has started to erased the sickly paleness of winter I’ve worn for months.
What a perfect spring weekend.



2 thoughts on “Day 72 – Spring Weekend

  1. No, not at all!! You are absolutely very interesting, and have a fantastic way of describing events and even everyday stuff. That’s a great talent and I admire you for that. Keep it up and am sure am speaking for several others here in saying you are missed dearly on the days you don’t blog! I for one sure look out for you, and very much enjoyed reading about your weekend. Keep feeding your fans – we miss you !! May I take this opportunity to wish you an enjoyable and well tanned spring 🙂


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