Day 110- Full Circle

On Sunday evening September 9th, almost 25 years ago, I held my 5lb 9oz first child; my son Tate.   Last Sunday evening, in the same hospital, on the 19th, my son held his 5lb 3oz first born; his son Idris.

Idris wasn’t due for a few more weeks but his momma hadn’t been feeling well.  She had gone to the hospital the day before but they sent her home telling her she as having Braxton Hicks contractions and that she was dilated 1cm. No biggie.  The entire night she was sick and crampy-  the next day we text back and forth and something didn’t sound right to me.  I convinced Aisha to go back to the hospital once more just to be checked.  Even if it was nothing, who cares?  Maybe after being sick all night she was dehydrated and needed IV fluids.   So they head over.

After being checked, Aisha had dilated to 3cm and was fully effaced and that the water was bulging.  Tate text me to tell me they were going to watch her for a few hours and possible pop her water.

I was at home preparing for a birthday party for my youngest while all of this was going on.  As the morning progressed into the afternoon, I kept getting updates. Usually it takes forever to have a first child so I wasn’t worried I’d miss anything-  the hospital is literally across the road from the street I live on-  Aisha could start pushing and I’d be there before he was out haha

The house kept filling with family and friends and the birthday celebration carried on until its end.  I got the text that Aisha was fully dilated and I told the few folks sticking around that I was leaving, and that’s what I did.  Kayla (middle child) and I went over and sat…. and waited…. and waited some more.   Aisha had gone from 1cm to 9cm and stopped!!!   She had no urge to go forward. The doc gave her Pitocin and within an hour I received my first pix of baby Idris.

Aisha was a trooper. She popped that baby out quickly and she did it naturally.  I had my first naturally too and lemme tell ya.. that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done hahahaha

Idris was tiny- being a few weeks early, and with low birth-weight, he is considered a preemie.  He had a few minor complications with his breathing and they had to do some chest x-rays.  He was ok, had some water in his lungs.   Aisha, poor thing, she had some complications as well but they got her all patched up.  Both of these complications could have been bad- I’m thankful for answered prayers.

To watch Tate with Idris… its a “wow” moment for sure.  My son has a son. I felt this way when Kayla had Rae.  It makes ya all weepy and … mushy inside. Emotions you can’t understand until you experience it for yourself.   Aisha told me that when the nurse came to get Idris and put him in the nursery to be watched because his breathing was labored, she felt like, “He might die or something.”  Yeah- I get that.  I welcomed her to mommy-hood and advised that this would be the first of MANY times she’d feel this.. these scary moments come and go for a parents entire lifetime. It doesn’t matter how old your kids get, they freak you out and scare you to death.

I love my kids. I love my grand-babies.  I love how my kids love my grand-babies.

It’s been something to see my kids having their babies in the same hospitals they were born in–  when life comes ’round full circle, it’s an amazing thing; a proud moment when a parent feels as though they have been successful.

I have great kids man, really, really good kids.  I have been blessed. May they be so lucky. hahahaha…  I plan on many pay-backs.  I cant wait to give Rae and Idris chocolate and Mt. Dew.. sake them up and send them home.


Im just kidding. (insert evil grins here)


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