Day 134 – ESFJ (Psych of Personality Assignment)

Extravert 90%, Sensing 19%, Feeling 11%, Judging 100%

After taking the Myers-Briggs Indicator test to determine my personality type I learned that I was type, ESFJ. At the end of the test I was asked my age and sex. I cannot think of a single reason as to why that would matter. Does being a 40 year old female make me a different ESFJ than say, my 37 year old husband might be? This is where the uncertainty of personality testing began to take a turn for the worst in my head. As I read through the description of my type I began to really question the whole thing. The test and the results brought to mind an old horoscope column from the back of Cosmopolitan magazine. In other words, the results seemed too generalized and they felt much like Freud wrote them back in the 1890’s. I’m not a fan of Freud whatsoever so I decided I would take another personality test to see what it had to say. Again, I was labeled an ESFJ. Still unsatisfied with the results, thinking there just isn’t a way to lump people into groups like these, I took another personality test. This particular personality test was much longer and instead of just answering, yes or no, I was permitted to use a sliding bar to determine the severity as to how much I agree or disagree. I thought to myself that I finally had a chance to prove that this personality thing was just a bunch of hocus-pocus with generalized traits and character flaws. The results of this third personality test not only typed me, yet again, as an ESFJ, but it typed me, once more, an even stronger ESFJ. Being the stubborn soul that I am, I decided to look up one of those horoscopes to see what it had to say about me, a Leo ruled by the sun. When comparing the ESFJ and the fiery Leo sign side-by-side, I noticed that they weren’t too far off from one another, which made me even more skeptical of my ESFJ type. According to both the EFSJ and the Leo zodiac sign I should be strong-minded, stubborn, generous, and sensitive female who will go out of her way to protect people. I see my world in black or white with few, if any, shades of gray. When there are shades of gray, I am internally sickened as I look for a black or white answer. I have an ability to see problems clearly and delegate easily. I am a natural born leader and will accept nothing less than being in that role- meaning; I am a control freak. My perfect career choices are that in a medical field or in any role where I would the boss. Honestly, I agree with all of these findings, therefore the ESFJ means very little to me since it was on point with the lining of the planets. It is true that I like to be in control and I certainly live in a black or white world with an inability to accept shades of gray easily. It is true that I am easily wounded because I wear my heart on my sleeve and it is also true that I bear a strong right to seniority. Even with all of these things being correct about me, I still felt the need to do some further research. I wanted to know just how many people across the globe fell into my personality type. According to the website , I’m pretty common in the world which again made me feel that personality typing was too gray. The more I Googled the more skeptical I became. I ended up taking a personality test based on my O+ blood type and another test for my only child status. Every single personality test came back with the same type of results. Yesterday I walked away from my laptop completely confused about my fiery ESFJ only child, Leo personality whose O+ blood apparently makes me more susceptible to mosquito bites and weak joints.
After a long, restless night of over-thinking and analyzing every detail of every test taken, I have come to the conclusion that I am most definitely a very strong ESFJ personality type simply because I couldn’t accept that I was.



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