Day 154 – Stop water boarding with Jesus

Someone please show me in the Bible where Jesus forced his teachings on to others because somehow during my being married to a minister, and in my education at a very conservative Christian university, I missed that chapter.  I am confused as to how I became to understand Jesus to be the loving human form of God who basically asked us to come as we were so that he may change us. (Isaiah 1:18)   I was also under the impression that Jesus did things with tact and when the people refused to listen or do things his way, he simply walked on.  For the life of me I cannot find it anywhere in the Bible where it says, “Come let me water board you with my Word into submission.” I am so sick of people who claim to be “Christians,” using the name of Jesus as a way to beat up on others.  They really believe they can throw around a few Googled Bible verses and convert the world. The problem is, you cannot pick out a verse or three and twist them up to make it work for whatever cause you’re fighting. The Word of God does not work that way. The Bible must be taken as a whole-  you cannot grasp the meaning of a verse, or even a chapter without reading the parts before and after. And because these extreme people pick and choose scripture to suit their specific needs they are making the rest of us decent Christian’s out to be tyrants. No wonder people react to us the way they do. What set me off actually happened a few years ago when I was tapped on the shoulder by an elder while I was in church worshiping with my children.  This jackass (yeah I said jackass – it’s the nicest word I could think of) actually had the nerve to pull me out of service and take me into a small room to interrogate and beat on me over my life choices.  You see what happened was…. (I love working the name of my blog into my posts)  I had been legally separated for two years when I met someone else who was also in the midst of a nasty divorce.  The two of us grew closer and we ended up seeing one another.  The problem that the church saw was that we weren’t totally divorced so we were sinners and apparently the Bible say’s that sinners aren’t allowed in church- so they threw us out.  I was actually told not to come back or the cops would be called to escort me out. No joke!!  Keep in mind this was a church that I sought marriage counseling at for two years. A church where I took numerous classes in order to grow stronger in my walk with Christ.  This was a church I taught at and was learning to worship in ASL at. A church I called home, where all of my “good Christian” friends were made and where I served others without judgement.  I guess the joke was on me because this “church” threw me out when they couldn’t force me to live inside their holy little box of sinlessness.  I lost just about every “friend” I had and the ones I didn’t lose, either left that church on their own or they were thrown out as well for whatever sin they were living in. It took a couple of years to want to walk back into another church. I did go to several churches right after my shunning but I didn’t want to. Honestly I began to see why non-believers feel the way they do. Had I not already become a baptized believer, I would have never bought into what Christian’s were selling. I have a 13 year old little girl who has been raised in church. She is continuously taught as to what the Bible actually says in the correct context and where she can apply these verses to her life. She has never been permitted to twist scripture to fit into her life where she wants it to.  Danielle has seen the glitter of the sanctuary and she has seen the darkness in the politics, still she loves everyone blindly.  I am proud of her for that.  That being said, Danielle is growing up in a world where everyone is fighting for something and where discrimination is served daily.  It can be confusing to anyone, especially to a child. It is my place to guide her and yours if I invite you into her life but not a moment until.  You do not have a right to slap my child with your views of Jesus and his Word simply because you believe the way you do. Let me just get this out there right now, we do not raise our children to discriminate against anyone for any reason. They are raised to love, accept and respect all people regardless of their age, race, culture, region (or lack thereof) and sexual orientation even if they do not agree.  They are being raised as Christian’s who have their own thoughts and opinions who are allowed to use their voice. They are encouraged to ask questions and research things they do not understand. We want them to stand up for what they believe in without beating someone else down simply because they believe differently.  I will not tolerate it. My kids live in a world where the Christian faith is attacked daily, and I blame the extreme people who claim to belong to our faith for the hostility towards us. Just last night Danielle posted a photo of her at the mall with a Starbucks cup.  Someone said that he didn’t agree with the views of the CEO of Starbucks where Christianity was concerned.   I was like, that’s extreme.   I knew what he was saying but is my 13 year old daughters Instagram photo the time and place for that comment?  It was an innocent photo of a teenager enjoying her day with her sisters.   My “extreme” reply set off a firestorm of comments – 90 of them to be exact and only 1 was from the person in whom I was addressing.  hahaha  I actually said I respected what he was trying to convey and that was that, but his sister jumped into the deep end of the Bible pool from the Jesus high dive.  This girl was on fire with her Wednesday night service, except it wasn’t the the usual hour of causal Wednesday night service in jeans and tshirts… uh uh. This girl was going straight for the big hats and colorful suits of a southern Baptist Sunday service. You know the one I’m talking about, the churchin’ that starts at 7:30am with a 2 hour Sunday school class, followed by the 5 hour sermon that takes you through infinity and beyond, trailed by the 3 hour potluck that gets cleaned up just in time for the 4 hour Sunday night service that will eventually bring you back from deep space just in time for bed.   Yeah, it was that kind of flame I was dealing with. The girl almost spontaneously combusted right there online. This girl could not understand that although we all respected her views and her passion for the Lord, they were not wanted nor appreciated on my 13 year old daughters social media pages.  I kept trying to tell her to back off but she just kept on with her Googled scriptures and water boarding Jesus technique, even going as far as to say that I am not raising my child right followed by her pointing out just how Christ-like she is. Oh and, she invited me to her church because apparently my church (which is world wide vs. her one time deal) isn’t teaching me right. *Insert unfiltered thoughts here* Hmm… ok. I’ll come and I’ll bring fresh snakes for the pit!! Not!! I tell you one thing, the girl has some huge cajones stepping onto the field with someone like me.  I’ll give her an ‘A’ for effort though. She tried. Is Jesus hiring? Batter up!!


10 thoughts on “Day 154 – Stop water boarding with Jesus

  1. A lot of what I believe that people find repulsive in Christianity is strictly and exclusively contained within the buildings. There are certain aspects of the Bible that can also cause for scoff – sometimes even rage – but these are much easier to handle when you don’t have someone holding that Bible over you. Ultimately, I agree with most of what you’re ‘venting’ about, but am always cautious with the word “tolerance”. This word has been used in both positive and negative ways from the same mouth, pretty well making me wonder whether it has any definition at all. I prefer the word “compassion”, but even this word is growing in corruption.
    I apologize for the absurdity that you face, and maybe one day we won’t be so easily led into such horror? Until then, I shall not be silent until the Lord establish Zion, and make Jerusalem a praise upon the earth. Grace and peace in Christ, and love from Ohio.


      1. Hi There. I apologize for the delay response. Your post just went live on EarthSchool.Life. I plan on sharing it via Twitter & Facebook within the next couple of days. Thank-you, Mary


  2. Oh, we are so on the same page. I am a LOT more caustic and a lot less reverent than you are, but I so agree.

    Oh, and thank you for liking my poem Sing A Song Of Slick Men on my blog WordMusic.

    Brent Kincaid


  3. Totally agree. I wish more people thought like you. I was brought up as a Catholic and was made to go to church. I stopped going once I turned 18. I am still a Christian but don’t affiliate with any particular church. I pray and I treat others the way I would want to be treated myself. Sometimes I do question my faith, which is blind faith, but still always act the same. Danielle is lucky to have you as a mum and lead her along the right path x


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