In a bit of a fit 

That moment u look at your Fitbit and it’s not on your arm—- but u never took it off!!!
Retraced steps::

dug in trash, searched the black holes of the car and sofa, dog food bin, Reese’s bed, Reese’s crate, Reese’s poop in the backyard….

Laundry basket, drawers, washer, dryer, Lelly’s room and bathroom. I even looked thru my pix of the day to see if it was visible thinking maybe I could see where it might have come off.
After suffering a broken heart I found it in round two of the search- in a plastic bin where I keep qtips. I had been polishing my toes and messed up, reached into the closet and it must have fallen off then.
Yay me and yay that it wasn’t in Reese’s doodoo.


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