My Bucket List 

I was chatting with a friend of mine earlier today about my “bucket list,” and I had this grand idea to blog about it. I’m not sure that anyone will find my entries interesting but nonetheless, I’m going to type it all out because — why the hell not!?!!
I’ve already accomplished so much in my 41 years and I’ve nothing to complain about. I’ve lived all over the place and traveled to all about the globe. I’ve been truly blessed, still I have desires.

My #1 bucket list item is to visit NYC. I know, I know … Not too many folks would have a desire to visit such a place. I think most see it as a “concrete jungle,” full of rude people and werido’s but in all seriousness, isn’t that what makes NYC, NYC!?!! Hahaha!! Really.. look at its history. NYC is a melting pot of every kind of person on the earth. It’s where people came looking for a new life and i love that. Think about it- people came because they heard of a new land, rich with possibility. They came with nothing but hope. And think about what it would have been like sailing on a crowded ship many around you – hungry and sick. Can you imagine the feeling of seeing America on the horizon and feeling her soil beneath your feet after those seemingly endless days on the sea? I for one would probably hit the land and begin to weep, overwhelmed by great joy. Oh and let’s not forget how so many were turned away because they couldn’t pass the ridiculous literacy and/or medical exams. I’m pretty confident that I’d pass just fine but I’m just as confident that many of my family members would be shoved back onto the ships and sent home. I’d be like “Au revoir… Don’t forget to write!!” As I waved goodbye. 😂

Although I’ve never been to New York, I’ve always thought that a wedding in NYC, with the Statue of Liberty in the background would be simply amazing- I mean, what a perfect place for a new life to begin. Too late for that now so I’ll have to settle for a grand tour and an, “I ❤️ NY” t-shirt. 


11 thoughts on “My Bucket List 

      1. welcome. That is the first time in my tiny blogging career someone has addressed me as Love. Sweets yes, but love first time. feel terrific, thank you.


  1. Great post.
    I actually spent 2 days in NYC as part my honeymoon in 2005 (divorced now, but still friends). As I have mobility issues I was using my mobility scooter. It was a nightmare! One pavement (sidewalk) would have a slope so that I could easily cross the road, then when I got to the other side there’d be no slope but a 6 inch step which meant I had to ride in the road. The drivers were maniacs too!!
    We spent the first day sightseeing which was interesting, went up the Empire State building etc., but in general I was petrified of the place as it wasn’t disability friendly at all.
    I spent the second day in the hotel room whilst my husband went to check out ground zero. There was no way I could get down to the trains unless I could walk.
    The hotel room door was made of steel and was about 6 inches thick! It was a decent hotel too!
    I hope that when you finally get there you have a more enjoyable time than I did! My husband loved it though x


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