Bucket List: Alaska 

Previously I told ya that I wanted to begin writing about the items on my bucket list. I began with NYC and today it’s Alaska!I think I fell in love with the state of Alaska when I was about 6 years old. It all started after I saw this commercial on tv for “Wildlife Treasury;” a kind of learning system that taught kids about animals, birds, fish and insects from all over the world; species and places I never knew existed- and I wanted it!! I gave my momma the phone number and to my surprise I began to receive a few packs of nature cards through the mail every month!! The cards came with a cool green plastic box so you could keep your them safe and organized. Those cards were my most valued treasure. I cared for and protected those cards like they were bars of gold.   
I was a weird kid- the kind that preferred fruit over candy, encyclopedias over fairytales and documentaries over cartoons. When a kid in the 80’s wanted to learn more about a subject they couldn’t just sign onto the World Wide Web.. they had to wait for library day at school and use the Dewey Decimal System to find a book on a shelf that was often times not where it should have been. Lemme tell ya, if a kid couldn’t put things in alphabetical order, they were screwed! Also a kid better be a speed reader because you only had a week with the book before you had to return it. Life was hard in the 80’s. 😂
Anyway, back to Alaska. 

In school we would get these book order forms on occasion and one time I was lucky enough to find a book about Alaska. When the book finally came in I remember being unable to wait until I got home to look at it. We had “Quiet time,” when I was in first grade. This was a time to bring a book from home and sit somewhere in the classroom to read. My teacher had several beanbags scattered about the floor and a cardboard box decorated like a house which was filled with large pillows. I can still remember peeling open my book order bag and darting to the box for quiet time. The cover of the thin paperback was glossy, enhancing the glaciers icy appearance. I can also remember how vivid the photos were on the inside and how I just couldn’t believe the size of the glaciers, humpback whales or the grizzlies. From this point on, I was hooked on Alaska. 

Nowadays whenever I catch a documentary on tv or Netflix about Alaska, I watch it. It really doesn’t matter if it’s about logging, fishing or the people, if it’s on and I catch it, I watch it. 
So for my second Bucket List item, I want to one day fly over to California, sail up the coast to Alaska in hopes to catch a humpback breaking the surface of the sea. I wanna take a short stay in a log cabin out in the wilderness. I’d like to hike about, absorbing the beauty all around me. More than anything else, I wanna lay outside in the darkness to see the sky dancing with color. Oh aaaand I wanna put on waders and give fly-fishing a go. After that, I’d like to train through Canada and somehow end up back at home in Kentucky. 
Guess I better buy a lottery ticket. 


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