When you wish upon a star…

 you’re really setting goals for yourself. 

Yesterday I was sitting at my kitchen table looking over a rubric for a paper I have to write when it hit me-  I have achieved every goal I’ve ever set for myself.  How many people can say that??
When I was little girl (I’m talking around 3 years old and up), I preferred to play with boy toys; race cars, Tonka trucks, toy guns and tools.  One of my favorite things to do was play in a sandbox my dad built in my bedroom; with my dump trucks.   My mom bought me all the girl shit like dolls, Barbies, a kitchen and all the supplies… I did play with those things but when I did, I destroyed them.  I’d “operate” on my dolls, cut my Barbies hair off making them all punk-rockers and my kitchen….well it was kept spotless because I had all the dishes outside in the mud!!     I never cared too much about make-up, clothes or accessories.  I basically had my own dorky style. 

As I’ve said in previous posts, I was in love with anything public service. Early in life I was exposed to firemen, police officers, medics and news reporters: My mom worked the graveyard shift at Dunkin Donuts.   These good men and women inspired me to become one of them with their heroic stories. When I was little I wanted to be a fire fighter when I grew up.   I also wanted to be a journalist, a nurse and I wanted to be a police officer—   

I became a Fire Medic and I’m a decent writer. I have earned my SRNA, became a partner and GM at a successful business… I’ve traveled around the globe and I have lived all over the US. And soon, I will have my degree in Criminal Justice.   That’s pretty flippin’ AWSOME! 

Sadly this world defines success by the size of ones’ house, the year of ones’ car, a career choice and social status.  At one time I defined success the same way.   But looking at the goals I’ve achieved I’d have to say that success is defined by standing on top of the stars I once wished upon. 


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