America. #fail 

My 85 year old grandfather, like many of yours’, was in WWII.   He was also a police officer.    He served his country and his community.   He worked every single day, raised his six kids and just about all of us grandkids at one time or another….. 

As we speak he fights for his life. He has two brain bleeds and a clot in his heart. He has trouble walking, talking and sometimes he doesn’t know any of us. All understandable with what’s going on.  But you know what he did remember??  He remembered Germany and he remembered France. He told me all about serving his country while he lay in the hospital bed last week.  

The land of the free. We give illegals free every thing. We provide addicts clean needles. We waste millions of tax payer dollars prosecuting or defending “criminals,” and we waste a few million more on unnecessarily long-term prison sentences. Oh lord ha’mercy don’t get me started on the welfare system and all that wasted money!!!! 

So can someone please explain to me how, in this land of the free, a man who served his country, who upheld the law and who has been a PRODUCTIVE member of society his ENTIRE life, cannot get his VA medical insurance to provide him a wheelchair or walker??!

Why does a man with two brain bleeds love his country and the time he spent protecting it so much that he remembered it when he couldn’t   remember anything else; but that same country can’t remember that it once loved him?   #merica 

America – you should be ashamed. 


2 thoughts on “America. #fail 

  1. Frustrating. I’m so sorry that your father is being treated in this manner and pray that a resolution happens soon. Thank him for his service please.


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