365 Pages

So begins a brand new book in life with 365 pages to fill.      Some pages will be written in perfect penmanship on high quality paper filled with moments of love and laughter. Some pages will be written with a skipping ballpoint on a corner of tissue soaked with heartache; others will be written with crayon on whatever paper I can find and filled with boring scribbles that no one will want to read.  Regardless, no pages will be left blank- they are a story that each day of my life will write whether I feel like it or not. And at the end of the year every mismatched page will be bound by heart strings and placed on a shelf in my mind: A treasure to keep forever. 

365 pages means I have 365 chances to write something amazing; A best selling novel!!!  And every day is a day that I can write something better than I did the day before; taking care to proofread and correct any mistake I make. 

365 pages.  A new year. A new book. 

I’m ready. 


4 thoughts on “365 Pages

  1. Brilliant post to start the new year! Always inspiring and refreshing to read your blog. Love your simple, candid yet articulate style. Have (and am sure I speak for your countless fans here) missed your recent writings … But now that you have 365 pages, we look forward to one on each of the 365 days of 2017. May I take this opportunity on my own behalf, as well as on behalf of your other readers here, to wish you a wonderful, healthy, happy, enriching and prosperous new year!! Cheers! (Skp/Txt/Ym)


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