2k17 Day 2 

What a laid back yet productive day.

The kids went back to school today and the grand-babies weren’t here which meant a quiet house and a tv without cartoons.  

The day began with driving to the next town over to help my dad put away Christmas decorations at my Nana’s house. The fog and misty air gave the feel of driving through a ghost town. The naked trees look like creepy fingers reaching out of the ground and the black cows with their white faces added to the spookiness.  The fog began to lift sometime in late morning but the air remained thick enough to cut all day.   61° and humid today and by Wednesday, 25° with possible snow: That’s the way the weather is in Kentucky. No one is ever shocked at what’s going on outside. Hahaha 

 My youngest spent a week in Arizona for winter break and already she suffers from a cold or sinus infection or God only know what. This is what Kentucky weather does to its residents. Tonight NyQuil, tomorrow the doctor … perhaps… we shall see. 

Dinner is done, kitchen is clean, everyone is hiding under their own little rocks around the house so, I suppose for the rest of tonight I will continue to veg out on “Man in the High Castle” while crocheting a pooled pattern blanket.  Not a bad way to end the second day of the year.  

Blessings to all,



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