Day 41- Due Process is a BITCH

What I’m about to say will piss a lot of people off and quite possibly get me a few less followers- so be it.  
I don’t condone violence but I can now understand why kids walk into a school and shoot people when there are 15 disciplinary actions in front of expulsion for harrassment and bullying.    Wanna know how to solve it? Paddle that ass.   There in said it.

My 12 year old is beautiful and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine. If she were ugly I’d admit it because one thing that kills me is when parents think they have the cutest kids and they enter them in pagents.. I call it the “Honey Booboo Disease.”  But that’s not what this post is about.
My 12 year old has always been an honor roll student with good attendance. She’s always sparkled like a star with her peers/teachers and even been a peer tutor– but that’s before we moved to Lexington.

Lel started 7th grade at a new school in a new town and seemingly loved the change.  She was proud to move into a school zone that would allow her to graduate (in 5 years) from the same high school as her 91 y.o great-grandmother, her 60 y.o grandfather and two of her older siblings.  To be a Blue Devil is her dream.. and I’ll admit it makes me sappy to know she will follow in the footsteps of great family members.
Lel has a year and a half left in middle school with some of the worst kids I’ve ever had to deal with.  Soon after school started she was picked on by peers her age simply because the boys liked her.  I get it, girls are catty beasts; hell, I was.    I also know that middle school boys are full of piss & vinegar and they like to talk shit about who they’ve dated or had sex with or whatever even when it’s mostly bs.  I have two older kids who have made it all the way through and are now in college or own their own business. Not one time did I have to deal with bullshit like I’m dealing with now.    This is where the harrassment comes in. At first there was a little boy who wanted to go out with Lel but she turned him down.  This little creeper somehow got into Lel’s phone and got my phone number and my older daughters phone number and was calling/texting being ignorant so.. I had to call the school.  That ended that.

Next came a website that some kid(s) developed that was based on the latest middle school gossip.  Of course all the pretty girls were on there and being talked about like they were dirty whores.. Again, the school was contacted except this time in writing and threats of a lawsuit were made.  The IP address was eventually found as were the kid(s) who opened it and it was soon shut down.  Game over.

Next was an anonymous text sent from an unknown cell stating that the person on the other end was, “going to get her,”  Once more Lel took it to her guidance counselor and it was found out it was Lel’s best friend who claimed to be kidding. Guess the joke was on her-  this momma hates clowns.

And today it was brought to my attention that some little douche and his bags have been taunting Lel by calling her a slut.  Last straw.

I called the principal and told her that ever since Danielle started at her middle school my kid has gone from honor roll to D’s and F’s.  She has been picked at and talked about like shes a whore when she has YET to have ber first kiss.  She’s been put on a mild antidepressant for anxiety AND dreads going to school… then I told her that these are the reasons why kids walk into school and kill people or hang themselves from trees and I was DONE with it.  I told her she needed to fix ALL of the shit,  like YESTERDAY or I would.
I will do whatever I have to do to protect my cubs… I’ll blast the school on the news, picket in front of her front doors, as well as get an attorney. The principal told me she’d take care of it asap.  I informed her that when Lel went to a guidance counselor she was instructed on how middle school boys act and that she needs to learn to deal with it.  The hell???  Last time I heard my taxes weren’t paying her ass to blow my kid off… would be in her best interest to solve the damn problem.

I have a good kid. I really do-  I’m not just saying that. Wanna know how I know? Because I’m a nosy momma and I randomly go through her Facebook and instagram. If I see anything that’s inappropriate she has to remove it. We talk about why its inappropriate. I also see who she texts and what she says. I have her passwords, not her.  I make decisions for her because she’s 12.  I don’t allow her to dress “slutty” and I screen her friends. She has a time her phone is to be shut off and she has a bedtime at night.
SHE’S 12!!!!! 

I’m not overprotective and most of the time I allow her to fight her own battles. I do understand that when a kid starts at a new school it takes awhile to grow some new roots.  Danielle had been in the same school system with the same kids since kindergarten – just the same as the kids in her new school have been. I get it, there are clicks already formed and the “new kid” has to earn their way in. That’s fine. I’ve been there myself.  I also know that Lel isn’t innocent and you better believe that she is called down for ill behavior towards others. I’m not some naive mother who thinks her kid does no wrong.  I don’t like to get into the drama of middle school but I will when it becomes more than typical middle school drama. When it becomes bullying or harrassment I have zero tolerance.

If you want kids to stop killing other kids and their teachers and/or killing themselves then stop blowing shit off and do something about the bullies when it’s brought to your attention THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!! 



Day 28 – “Beyond Scared Straight”


Have you ever seen this show?  You see what happens is this: a county jail takes in about 10 “at risk” kids as part of a court ordered program to, well, scare them straight.  Oh my God kids are bad these days.
These kids walk into the jail with smiles on their faces and wear their offenses proudly, as if they had on shiny gold badges.   THEY’RE BABIES!!! I’m talking 11 to 17 years old. 
Sometimes when I’m watching the show I laugh.. I mean co’mon now, an 11 year old ‘gang banger’? Oooooh scary!! 👇👈👉👋☝👌✊✌(that’s me throwing up gang signs on my android like an 11 year old) 😂

Ok look.. this little girl was 11; tell me who the hell is going to be afraid of an 11 year old little girl who’s wearing a pink, sparkly Justice tshirt and light-up sneakers?  I know I wish she’d try to intimidate me one time ’cause when she did, it would be her last damn time. hahaha She better hope those light-up shoes make her butt fly like Buzz Lightyear.
mmm mmm mmm..  

These Oklahoma kids were those children of the corn Stephen King warned us about!!! No joke.
These kids had violations for petty theft, drugs, fighting, arson, grand theft auto, fraud, forgery, assault on a parent. . .
Whoa. Stop. Back-up. 

I know kids do some stupid stuff, I get it, I’ve been there, done that and own the tshirt(s) but you can bet your life that no matter what ignorance my kids have done or will do, they will NEVER stand up in my face and disrespect me.
Nope. Momma don’t play those games.

Let me just say, I don’t have perfect kids…any one of my kids could at any moment decide to disconnect from common sense. For example, I had one steal from a store when she had more than enough money on her person and in the bank and she had a damn job. When the officer called me (and after my adrenaline from getting a call from an officer had disapated) I begged him to take my child to juvie to wait for her court date.  This momma is a good momma because this momma was like.. sit in jail you little shithead and while you’re in there, Imma cut off your cell phone and take your keys away.
….but the officer said juvie was full and I had to come pick her up.  WTH? What did he mean “full”?  And what did he mean I had to come pick her up?? 
Omg I had to drive from a birthday party almost 2 hours away from that child .. do u know how much pissed offness a momma can conjure up in 2 hours time?
Her punishment was a fine of $500 that I refused to pay and she had to make a few trips back up north to a check in with a court designated worker..kind of like a parole officer.   Lemme tell ya,  because I was like, “rot in jail,” that kid of mine has turned out to be a productive member of society.   She’s now a married momma herself. She works as an SRNA and will be a respiratory therapist upon graduation. (very soon btw) 

My son, he decided at the age of 20 to obtain a fake ID and get drunk at Hooters.   He tried to be smart after and sit on the curb with his buddy to sober up but.. his buddy decided he was ok to drive and tried to take the keys from my son. They started fighting and well, by doing do they drew attention on themselves and a cop came by.  My son was honest on why they were fighting. The cop ran their ID’s.. yep, the fake ones.  When he couldn’t bring up any info on the boys he questioned them.  My son was like.. “Which ID  did u run sir?”
The cop was nice but took them to jail to dry out. (Which I’m thankful for) They were also fined and that’s how I found out about the incident.  Here’s that telephone call:
Me: Hey Tate, missed you at church this morning.
Tate: yeah I’m sorry momma, I was out late- had to bail a friend of mine outta jail.
Me: oh. Ok. Anyone I know?
Tate: Uh uh.  Hey mom, if someone had to pay a fine where would they go to pay it?
Me: (proceeds to tell him)
Tate: Ok, mom.. it was me. I was in jail. Blah blah blah…
Good grief.

Thankfully Tate’s few hours in jail were enough to keep him out of trouble. He too a productive member of society, married, owns his own flooring business and has a baby on the way.
(Oh I can’t wait for paybacks) haha

In today’s world you just can’t take parenting lightly.  I’m really glad my two oldest had jail experiences.

3 to go…




Discussion Board: CJUS My Personal Beliefs

I had an assignment due by tomorrow for my criminal justice class. Keep in mind,  I go to a Christian based university.  This assignment was due via discussion board, a place to interact with classmates from all over the world. Must be at least 250 words and make 2 Bible refs.  Lemme know what you think.


The personal beliefs that I hold toward law enforcement, the courts and the correctional system is that there is just too much red tape, too many good people being punished for trying to uphold the law and too many others who take on the responsibility of such, guided by the wrong motivation.   When Paul wrote to Timothy warning against false teachings he said, “We know that the law is good when used correctly.” (1 Timothy 1:8, NLT) Of course Paul wasn’t talking about our criminal laws, but the foundation still applies. Good criminal justice personnel is going to be hard to find (and keep) when they put their life on the line everyday for little pay, inadequate training, and constant disrespect. When you have underpaid, under-trained officers, crowded court rooms and overcrowded prisons, you have major problems.  I base my beliefs on little personal experience but rather from witnessing it second party. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the media plays a huge role in my way of thinking.  Look at just about any ‘crime’ committed and watch it grow from an anthill to Mt. Everest within hours. The media thrives on drama and that drama creates the worst kind of criminal activities.  This kind of stuff is what puts good law enforcement personnel on edge- they are then driven by fear to, or not to take action against law breakers.  It’s sad.  When an officer can no longer protect himself or others because he is afraid of the backlash, there’s something wrong. Proverbs 17:26 (NIV) says, “If Imposing a fine on the innocent is not good, surely to flog honest officials is not right.”

My perceptions are just that, mine.  They are my truths, right or wrong, they are how I see the crazy world in which I live.

word count: 302

Day 12- Last Semester

Today was the first day of my last semester of college.  I have no reason to be in college. I don’t need the degree, I don’t have to work. However, I want the degree just so my kids can’t point fingers at me, “Well yoouuu didn’t graduate college…”
Uh  uh. Momma don’t play that game.  Those little brats aren’t about to blame me for how they messed up their life, the drag me on Dr. Phil. Nope. I refuse to be their bad example.

I have good kids (so far) Two of them are out of high school, married with babies (well, one baby is still cooking) and one is about finished with her college degree(s).   The other has his own business and is doing well.  We have one about to graduate HS and head to Florida for welding school, so that’s good!! Then there’s the three girl still in 7th and 10th grade.   I don’t if I’ll survive the rest of their MS/HS years so who knows if they will.  😂

The oldest is about to turn 16 and she plans to goto culinary school. The next is 13 and has no clue what she wants to do.. and the 12 year old plans to be a pediatric neurologist with three D’s on her report card (as of last Friday).
Hahahahahaha.  I told her at this rate she will be lucky if she can up-sell apple pie over the drive-thru speaker. 😂

Of course I was kidding and she knows that, so calm the hell down.  she was born with the sarcasm gene… she knows me.

I really don’t care what any of the kids do. If they want to up-sell apple pies at McD’s, they can… if they want to change oil at Valvoline, more power to them. Whatever makes them happy but they WILL do it with some kind of degree or certificate even if I have to walk them to class and sit beside them all day. There’s no options in today’s world.  I want them to move out and take care of themselves.  Maybe it’s selfish but once they are out I don’t want them to move back in. They need to sprout wings and fly…and they can’t do that if they have failed to get an education that will provide them a good career.
Knowutimean?  So ok.  I have to go now because I have things due by midnight TONIGHT!!  I’m pretty sure my professor is Satan.



Day 2 – Bombay

It started like any other day, coffee and Netflix.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m addicted to documentaries.  Documentaries and reality tv. I’m a junkie and I shoot up with them daily.  I can’t stop.
I’ve loved all topics of criminal justice since I was a kid, only I didn’t know it was called, ‘criminal justice,’ I thought it was just cool.     Once I checked out so many books on serial killers and forensics that I was flagged at the library. The only thing I can tell you about that is apparently if a murder had happened in my town the police could have questioned me about it based on the amount of literature I read on crime.  Who knew that could happen?

“Cops.” Oh my god I fell in love with that show.  Once they were in Louisville (close to home) and I was all psyched out.  Somehow I felt like I had celebrity status because Cops was filmed in my state.  Oh and “Lockup Raw”- don’t even get me started on that awesome show. 

I’ve learned so really cool tips and tricks from the prison world. Like, who knew you could iron stolen bread & cheese inside a brown paper bag to make grilled cheese, or that a package of Skittles could be used as makeup?  I’ve learned how to make shanks out of soap and send prison texts (aka. kites)

This morning I found a show called ‘Hard Time.’   It is 6 episodes filmed inside Hays State Prison down in Georgia. Hays ain’t no joke-  they’ve had a lot of controversy in the past over abusive CO’s and rapes.  (Natgeo left that tasty tidbit of information out of their little documentary) Anyway, the inmates were pretty creative.  They were talking about their “jobs” in prison and one guy was responsible for keeping a wick burning at all times.  This wick was like forever long, made from tightly twisted tp.  The wick was used to light smokes, burn a roll of tp to brew fresh coffee and to light mattresses on fire during the protest over the abuse of the CO’s.  Seems like a legit business.

People assume that all criminals are hardened. That’s just not true.  Like today, I saw a murderer make a Bombay for another murderer for his birthday. Because no one has all the ingredients, the inmates pull together to make it. It’s made for special occasions only. A Bombay is a nonalcoholic drink made of a few simple ingredients: cherry kool-aid, sugar, instant coffee, pop and ice.  The inmates get “geeked out” on it.  I guess even a small amount of the caffeine/sugar concoction gives them a buzz after being denied such things for so long.

I listened carefully how the bombay was made then head to the grocery for the ingredients.  I mixed that shit up and drank it like a boss!!  IT WAS GOOD!! To me it taste like real sweet cherry coke or Cheerwine (gotta be from NC to know what that is) 
You know you wanna try it so here’s how:


1. Cherry kool-aid
2. 1 c. Sugar
3. Instant coffee
4. Pop
5. Mix sugar and kool-aid. Put 5 teaspoons in a tall cup. Add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee.
6. Pour in the pop. (Foams a LOT) stir. Add ice.
7. Share

You’re welcome.

No Indictment

Basically it is exactly as one of my besties put it, “You can’t whine ‘no justice,’ then act like a bunch of rabid lab monkeys.”
The bottom line is, cops have a job to do.   Don’t wanna get shot, don’t act like a thug.   Don’t want your kid to get shot, be a responsible parent. Be nosy  enough to know what your kid is doing in his or her daily life.  I do and I have great kids.  One runs his own business, putting in 60 hours a week.  One works in the health care field and helps repair what others break.  One is in welding school down in Florida. Three are honor roll students in Middle to High school.
I kept my kids busy with sports, band or whatever ever else that intrest them. When they had ill behavior they lost privileges; cell phones to cars.
I’m sorry a kid lost his life but the parents are somewhat to blame.  Go riot at their damn house.