Day 56 – Time Flies


This baby..she sure keeps me smiling! Sometimes I look at her and I cannot believe that she’s almost 2.  It seems like just last week I watched the doctor place sticky little Rae on my daughter’s chest for “kangaroo-care” (2 hours of skin-to-skin contact) and today I watched a different sticky little Rae lick chocolate from a spoon. 
Time flies.
In just a couple of months I will watch another grandchild, a grandson named Idris, come into this world. 
It’s truly the most amazing thing a parent can experience; their babies baby’s.
This is what it’s all about folks..

Day 40 – What a day!

Good God… I am so sick of biology.  Just took a test and got an 81.2 and you know what?  I’m happy with that.  I don’t know about you but I am NOT a test taker. I can study and read, read and study. You should SEE my notes; work of art.  They aren’t just a bunch of stuff scribbled on paper, they’re more like color-coded schematics of knowledge.  If I’ve highlighted something I think is important in a certain color, every new note pertaining to that particular highlighted area is written in that color of ink– they have to match so I don’t have to look for what goes where. I have a short amount of time to answer the questions so my notes are OCD: level boss.  No joke.  My test are open book too. You would THINK I’d ace that bitch…nope. I don’t know what happens to my brain – it’s like all of a sudden everything is written in hindi… a bunch of random scribbles none of which looks anything like an A, B or C.
Oh well, I have a week before the next test so tonight I’ll accept my low B as if it were an educational Grammy. That’s right.. I’ve got it polished and sitting in a glass case.  So. Don’t judge me.


Besides the biology test I had an essay to write and I had Miss Rae today. Poor baby, she’s sick. Last week her momma took  her to the pediatrician for a bad cold and possible UTI.  Flu swabs, RSV swabs, catheter… all came back negative.  Last night she was taken to the ER for another bout of the same test PLUS a chest xray.  She is positive for RSV.  Would have been swell if her pediatrician would have given the swab two hours to fester before reading the test.. you know, since that’s the required time limit instead of doing a rapid test. Would have had her treated two days earlier.  Smh.
RSV is a highly contagious upper respiratory infection that can be quite dangerous for a baby.  If adults catch it (and I will because that baby will not leave my water cup alone) it’s just a bad cold.  Rae-bug is now the not-so-proud owner of an inhaler, some icky antibiotics and a round of steroids.  She’s been in good spirits but she’s clingy.  Today after her nap she went into a coughing fit- – couldn’t catch her breath. Scared her to death which made her cry..and that made more snot for her to choke on.   I hate it when people are sick but especially babies because they can’t tell you what hurts or what they want. 

Popcicles.   They want popcicles so we bought a box of 100 and another box of Italian Ice swirl pops.  Best grandparents ever!

Oh and the frosting on the cake was when I was in the basement putting laundry into dry, thought I heard Rae cry, took off running towards the steps, crashed into the downstairs door with my bad arm (the one in had surgery on and just had injected with cortisone) …only to get upstairs to find her still sleeping sound.  After the adrenaline wore off, I felt the throbbing, then the knot. It hurts so bad right now.

I’m going to bed now so I can stare at the darkness and worry about next week’s biology test.


Day 22 – Bean Juice

As I sit here, not doing homework, or house work, or wood work.. or any other kind of work I ponder the cup of coffee next to me.  Its good but it’s not Nana’s house good.  Knowutimean?   I don’t know how my Nana does it- but every single time, she makes the perfect cup of coffee.  Seriously she does. Her coffee is so rich and delicious that I went out and bought the same kind of coffee.  My coffee didn’t taste like hers, so I then purchased the same coffee maker as my Nana’s. Still, my coffee couldn’t touch hers.  The next time I was over I told her that I couldn’t get my coffee to taste like her coffee and I didn’t know why.  So, my Nana gave me the same kind of scoop as she uses thinking maybe it was a measuring error.  I was so excited that when I returned home I immediately made a pot of coffee.  Nope. Not even close.  I mean, it was good, but not Nana’s house good.  Some time went by before I saw my Nana again.  At that time she lived an hour away, two cities over.  But the next time I saw her, we talked again about my failed attempt at her coffee. My Nana is sweet- her way to fix this problem was to have me make a pot at her house.  She coached me with every step.. the end result was rich and delicious Nana coffee.  My Nana said that perhaps it was the difference in our water.  I lived in a town that had very hard water and she didn’t. So, she suggest I buy a gallon of distilled and give it a go. That sound like a fine idea, but I secretly just hoped that I had caught her magic touch as if it were contagious.

The very next morning I got up, scooped my beans, poured in my water – everything was perfect; no way I could fail.

I was wrong and I gave up.

When I saw my Nana next, she asked about the coffee and I told her I gave up because nothing I did could duplicate her coffee.  I told her how I bought the same coffee, the same pot, used her scoop and bottled water…. and nothing worked. She laughs and says, “Well Suga (that’s what she calls me) it must be the cups!!”

I laughed too, but inside I knew why I couldn’t duplicate her coffee; I wasn’t her.   There’s just something magical about a Nana.  I know this because I’m a Nana now.  I have a beautiful 18 month old granddaughter (Rae) and a grandson still in utero (Idris) He kinda looks like an alien right now. LOL  I hope one day that one of those two will try as hard as I did to duplicate my coffee same as I did my Nana’s.

Nana’s house coffee isn’t the only coffee I love.  I love the coffee houses around here too.  They each taste different.  Not because of different bean or flavors but because of atmosphere and because of whose company I’m sharing in.  Courtney and I drink coffee that taste nutty and mild.  Gosa and I drink coffee that’s serious and bold.  My husband and I drink coffee that’s warm and relaxing.  Make sense?

My dad calls coffee, “Bean Juice.”  hahaha  He also calls eggs, “hen fruit.”  He’s a nut but hes a sweet nut.   Growing up my Nana’s coffee maker sat on her gas stove.  It was like some sort of glass percolator.  One night I was ay my dads for dinner and he was using that coffee maker to heat water for iced tea.  We had ourselves a whole conversation about that coffee maker.

That Christmas I unwrapped one. I cried.  He said he had walked into a thrift store with his wife and there it was, sitting on a top shelf, dusty.  He bought that pot for $7, and I can honestly say that I have never received a more perfect gift.

Day 6- Mini Cooper Jones

My youngest got her first dog when she was 18 months old; a 4 week old mini dachshund.  Short red hair covered his tiny hotdog shaped body. He was so dang cute. Wait… lemme back up for a minute.
  We decided to get a dog after my aunts stupid schnauzer, Max, barked and scared the crap out of Danielle one day when we were visiting.  Danielle was so afraid of all dogs after that day.  Being an animal lover there was no way I could have a child of mine be terrified of a dog or any other creatures for that matter.  I did a lot of research on the best dogs for kids before making up my mind on a dachshund.  My grandfather had a doxie when he was a kid and had many great things to say for the breed. A friend of mind also had a couple of Doxies  growing up and he seemed to love his a lot too.  After a little more research I found a breeder up in Indiana, about two hours north from where I lived.  We took Danielle and drove up to view the grounds.  The breeders were an older couple who didn’t seem to be in it for the money but rather for the love of the breed.  They had two champion Doxies and one puppy left.  The sire and bitch ran in the yard, happy and free, the pup did well to walk without tripping over his too big of ears.  It took me all of 2 seconds to fall in love with the little red pup.  Being 4 weeks old he wasn’t weaned yet and the breeder was reluctant to let him go but I lived two hours away and didn’t want to come back.  Somehow I managed to talk them into trusting me with his little life.  After handing over $300 I scooped up the pup, collected his papers and off we went.

A dog has to have a good name.  I had it in my mind that I was going to name him Tucker but when I got him, he didn’t look like a Tucker.  At the time I was married to a Japanese man and our last name was, Wada. I was also totally in love with the Mini Cooper vehicle and since my pup was a tiny little low rider I decided to call him, “Wada Mini Cooper.

Cooper was an easy pup. He was housebroken quickly and he was very well tempered. Danielle quickly learned to trust her new “goggy” and a love affair soon began.   There was nothing Danielle didn’t do to her pup as they grew up.  She pushed him in strollers, dressed him in doll clothes. She read to him, covered him in stickers..  everywhere we went, so did Coopie, even on vacations!!!
We almost moved to Japan when Danielle was 3 and poor Coopie had a series of things to go through.  Because Japan is a rabies free country, Cooper had to be microchipped  (before it was common to do so) he had to have a rabies titer test, and be quarantined for an X amount of time.  What an expensive bunch of shit, and we didn’t even move!! Hahahaha
I almost killed the little guy once with two slices of pepperoni.   I pulled it off my pizza and fed it to him. It was meat and dogs like meat-  how was I supposed to know that the capsaicin in the pepperoni would cause his stomach to bleed?  He was outside howling in pain with a steady stream of blood pouring from under his tail. I was heartbroken.
Two days in the hospital, several bags of fluids and $400 later, Coopie was back home.  (He’s never eaten another pepperoni)

One day Danielle called Cooper, “Cooper Jones” and it stuck.  I don’t know why she called him that and I don’t know why it stuck – but she did and it did and that’s been Coops name for several years now.

When Danielle and I moved from our old house and into the new one with a new family (I remarried to a man with three kids and two dogs) Cooper wasn’t happy. He lost his mind and used the carpet several times.   Cooper ended back up at the old house with my oldest daughter, Kayla, and her family.    Kayla was never a huge fan of Cooper but she took good care of him. He was happy to be in his house with his cat and his yard.   After Kayla gave birth to Rae, Cooper bonded to her as he did to baby Danielle 10 years earlier.  For the past 18 months Rae has grown up with Coopie at her side. Rae has sat on him, pulled his ears and tail, played with him, splashed in his water, slept beside him and fattened him up with her cookies and other snacks.  I would have never imagined he would end up biting her.  Apparently Rae tried to hug his neck and he went after her. I’m guessing she accidently hurt him somehow and he reacted.  Whatever the reason that’s not a chance I’d want to take again. 😦 Rae ended up with a small bruise on her eyebrow but it could have been a lot worse.

Tonight I went to get Cooper Jones. He’s an old man now, 70 in dog years. His once velvety red hair is mostly white and his sweet puppy breathe now smells like he’s been eating cat crap. After I brought him home I bathed him, clipped his nails, brushed his teeth and gave him a snack.  He asked to go out in his new backyard but our other dog, Lyric, has a pigear burried out there somewhere and she wouldn’t let Cooper off of the brick patio so he came back up the steps to poop on the deck 😒 …well, at least it wasn’t inside the house right? 


Day 5 – Wooley Worms

No matter where you live in the US, you’re feeling the cold tonight.  In my state we’re dropping down to 16°F.  Tomorrow night, 2°F. 
Have I mentioned that I hate winter? I don’t like to be cold. I don’t like chapped hands and lips, itchy dry skin or having skin the color of milk.
Our house is old, probably about 50 and although it has been completely flipped, the new windows don’t hold up well in air as cold as tonight’s.  Because our electric bill was $300 last month I decided to shrink-wrap all of the windows with plastic and a blow dryer.  That was a job lemme tell you!!!  We also bought draft protection for the doors and heat deflectors for the floor vents.  It’s still freaking cold in this house!  Maybe it’s because we have all hardwood flooring.  Maybe it’s because we have electric instead of gas heat. Maybe it’s both. Whatever it is, it sucks ass.

I know kids in the northern states walk to school in temperatures way colder than this, hell, I stood on the bus stop in colder temperatures than this but my kids aren’t built for it.  I’m hoping that they will get at least a 2-hour delay in the morning. That way they can stand at the stop when it’s warmer out, like a whopping 22°F!!   Perhaps I’m just being a pansy mom, but I really do not like my kids out in the cold… not even the grown ones who have to goto work.

Have you ever heard of a wooley worm?  Wooley worms are fuzzy black and brown caterpillars that have 13 segments.  Around here those segments represent the 13 weeks of winter.  Black parts are bad, brown, opposite.     We found a wooley worm in mid-fall.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring it in and let Rae, my 16 month old granddaughter see it.  She was cute playing with it and laughing as it crawled on her little hand.  Then it happened 😨  Rae pulled the wooley worm into two pieces and now I’m pretty sure thats why it’s freezing outside.  I let my grandbaby freeze the US.  I suck.