Day 41- Due Process is a BITCH

What I’m about to say will piss a lot of people off and quite possibly get me a few less followers- so be it.  
I don’t condone violence but I can now understand why kids walk into a school and shoot people when there are 15 disciplinary actions in front of expulsion for harrassment and bullying.    Wanna know how to solve it? Paddle that ass.   There in said it.

My 12 year old is beautiful and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine. If she were ugly I’d admit it because one thing that kills me is when parents think they have the cutest kids and they enter them in pagents.. I call it the “Honey Booboo Disease.”  But that’s not what this post is about.
My 12 year old has always been an honor roll student with good attendance. She’s always sparkled like a star with her peers/teachers and even been a peer tutor– but that’s before we moved to Lexington.

Lel started 7th grade at a new school in a new town and seemingly loved the change.  She was proud to move into a school zone that would allow her to graduate (in 5 years) from the same high school as her 91 y.o great-grandmother, her 60 y.o grandfather and two of her older siblings.  To be a Blue Devil is her dream.. and I’ll admit it makes me sappy to know she will follow in the footsteps of great family members.
Lel has a year and a half left in middle school with some of the worst kids I’ve ever had to deal with.  Soon after school started she was picked on by peers her age simply because the boys liked her.  I get it, girls are catty beasts; hell, I was.    I also know that middle school boys are full of piss & vinegar and they like to talk shit about who they’ve dated or had sex with or whatever even when it’s mostly bs.  I have two older kids who have made it all the way through and are now in college or own their own business. Not one time did I have to deal with bullshit like I’m dealing with now.    This is where the harrassment comes in. At first there was a little boy who wanted to go out with Lel but she turned him down.  This little creeper somehow got into Lel’s phone and got my phone number and my older daughters phone number and was calling/texting being ignorant so.. I had to call the school.  That ended that.

Next came a website that some kid(s) developed that was based on the latest middle school gossip.  Of course all the pretty girls were on there and being talked about like they were dirty whores.. Again, the school was contacted except this time in writing and threats of a lawsuit were made.  The IP address was eventually found as were the kid(s) who opened it and it was soon shut down.  Game over.

Next was an anonymous text sent from an unknown cell stating that the person on the other end was, “going to get her,”  Once more Lel took it to her guidance counselor and it was found out it was Lel’s best friend who claimed to be kidding. Guess the joke was on her-  this momma hates clowns.

And today it was brought to my attention that some little douche and his bags have been taunting Lel by calling her a slut.  Last straw.

I called the principal and told her that ever since Danielle started at her middle school my kid has gone from honor roll to D’s and F’s.  She has been picked at and talked about like shes a whore when she has YET to have ber first kiss.  She’s been put on a mild antidepressant for anxiety AND dreads going to school… then I told her that these are the reasons why kids walk into school and kill people or hang themselves from trees and I was DONE with it.  I told her she needed to fix ALL of the shit,  like YESTERDAY or I would.
I will do whatever I have to do to protect my cubs… I’ll blast the school on the news, picket in front of her front doors, as well as get an attorney. The principal told me she’d take care of it asap.  I informed her that when Lel went to a guidance counselor she was instructed on how middle school boys act and that she needs to learn to deal with it.  The hell???  Last time I heard my taxes weren’t paying her ass to blow my kid off… would be in her best interest to solve the damn problem.

I have a good kid. I really do-  I’m not just saying that. Wanna know how I know? Because I’m a nosy momma and I randomly go through her Facebook and instagram. If I see anything that’s inappropriate she has to remove it. We talk about why its inappropriate. I also see who she texts and what she says. I have her passwords, not her.  I make decisions for her because she’s 12.  I don’t allow her to dress “slutty” and I screen her friends. She has a time her phone is to be shut off and she has a bedtime at night.
SHE’S 12!!!!! 

I’m not overprotective and most of the time I allow her to fight her own battles. I do understand that when a kid starts at a new school it takes awhile to grow some new roots.  Danielle had been in the same school system with the same kids since kindergarten – just the same as the kids in her new school have been. I get it, there are clicks already formed and the “new kid” has to earn their way in. That’s fine. I’ve been there myself.  I also know that Lel isn’t innocent and you better believe that she is called down for ill behavior towards others. I’m not some naive mother who thinks her kid does no wrong.  I don’t like to get into the drama of middle school but I will when it becomes more than typical middle school drama. When it becomes bullying or harrassment I have zero tolerance.

If you want kids to stop killing other kids and their teachers and/or killing themselves then stop blowing shit off and do something about the bullies when it’s brought to your attention THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!! 



Day 28 – “Beyond Scared Straight”


Have you ever seen this show?  You see what happens is this: a county jail takes in about 10 “at risk” kids as part of a court ordered program to, well, scare them straight.  Oh my God kids are bad these days.
These kids walk into the jail with smiles on their faces and wear their offenses proudly, as if they had on shiny gold badges.   THEY’RE BABIES!!! I’m talking 11 to 17 years old. 
Sometimes when I’m watching the show I laugh.. I mean co’mon now, an 11 year old ‘gang banger’? Oooooh scary!! 👇👈👉👋☝👌✊✌(that’s me throwing up gang signs on my android like an 11 year old) 😂

Ok look.. this little girl was 11; tell me who the hell is going to be afraid of an 11 year old little girl who’s wearing a pink, sparkly Justice tshirt and light-up sneakers?  I know I wish she’d try to intimidate me one time ’cause when she did, it would be her last damn time. hahaha She better hope those light-up shoes make her butt fly like Buzz Lightyear.
mmm mmm mmm..  

These Oklahoma kids were those children of the corn Stephen King warned us about!!! No joke.
These kids had violations for petty theft, drugs, fighting, arson, grand theft auto, fraud, forgery, assault on a parent. . .
Whoa. Stop. Back-up. 

I know kids do some stupid stuff, I get it, I’ve been there, done that and own the tshirt(s) but you can bet your life that no matter what ignorance my kids have done or will do, they will NEVER stand up in my face and disrespect me.
Nope. Momma don’t play those games.

Let me just say, I don’t have perfect kids…any one of my kids could at any moment decide to disconnect from common sense. For example, I had one steal from a store when she had more than enough money on her person and in the bank and she had a damn job. When the officer called me (and after my adrenaline from getting a call from an officer had disapated) I begged him to take my child to juvie to wait for her court date.  This momma is a good momma because this momma was like.. sit in jail you little shithead and while you’re in there, Imma cut off your cell phone and take your keys away.
….but the officer said juvie was full and I had to come pick her up.  WTH? What did he mean “full”?  And what did he mean I had to come pick her up?? 
Omg I had to drive from a birthday party almost 2 hours away from that child .. do u know how much pissed offness a momma can conjure up in 2 hours time?
Her punishment was a fine of $500 that I refused to pay and she had to make a few trips back up north to a check in with a court designated worker..kind of like a parole officer.   Lemme tell ya,  because I was like, “rot in jail,” that kid of mine has turned out to be a productive member of society.   She’s now a married momma herself. She works as an SRNA and will be a respiratory therapist upon graduation. (very soon btw) 

My son, he decided at the age of 20 to obtain a fake ID and get drunk at Hooters.   He tried to be smart after and sit on the curb with his buddy to sober up but.. his buddy decided he was ok to drive and tried to take the keys from my son. They started fighting and well, by doing do they drew attention on themselves and a cop came by.  My son was honest on why they were fighting. The cop ran their ID’s.. yep, the fake ones.  When he couldn’t bring up any info on the boys he questioned them.  My son was like.. “Which ID  did u run sir?”
The cop was nice but took them to jail to dry out. (Which I’m thankful for) They were also fined and that’s how I found out about the incident.  Here’s that telephone call:
Me: Hey Tate, missed you at church this morning.
Tate: yeah I’m sorry momma, I was out late- had to bail a friend of mine outta jail.
Me: oh. Ok. Anyone I know?
Tate: Uh uh.  Hey mom, if someone had to pay a fine where would they go to pay it?
Me: (proceeds to tell him)
Tate: Ok, mom.. it was me. I was in jail. Blah blah blah…
Good grief.

Thankfully Tate’s few hours in jail were enough to keep him out of trouble. He too a productive member of society, married, owns his own flooring business and has a baby on the way.
(Oh I can’t wait for paybacks) haha

In today’s world you just can’t take parenting lightly.  I’m really glad my two oldest had jail experiences.

3 to go…




Day 16 – Dreaming out loud

Last night as I stood in the shower with hot water and steam surrounding me, I looked out the window into the darkness.  Only a few lights from a neighboring house shown through the silhouette of trees.  The world outside still, and frozen.   I usually open the window when I shower.  I like how the fresh air mixes with the steam.  When it’s cold out, the steam turns into a mad fog; dense.
This post isn’t about the shower, or the steam… my ADD took control for a moment. Sorry. 😋
What was going through my mind as I stood in the shower looking out the window is what this post is supposed to be about.  I was thinking, “If I could live anywhere in the world without worry, where would it be?”
I think most people would pick somewhere tropical, especially if they’re like me and hate the cold.  Maybe others would pick a place that feeds their particular sense of adventure, (sports team, the great outdoors, etc.) It didn’t take me long to know the answer.  I would live right where I do now, central Kentucky.   It’s not bad here.  Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky, the people are diverse, and the scenery changes like east to west as one travels from the little downtown that could with its two buildings to rolling hills and several-million dollar horse farms.  In other words, its a great place for great pictures.

Kentucky isn’t like any other state.  We have 4 distinct seasons, none of which is too extreme. We have so much to offer for entertainment, IF you like small town living entertainment; shine makin’, bourbon drinkin’, all night bowlin’, mud-runnin’, fishin’, hikin’, horse racin’, gun slingin’, deer killin’ entertainment. But if you prefer a more highfalutin kind of entertainment we also have Starbucks complete with FREE wifi. Don’t get no better than that, yall!!

Another fun thing about Kentucky, there’s no law that requires you to drive only cars on the road.  That’s right!  Here in Kentucky we can drive dune-buggies, tractors, dirt bikes, backhoes, horses AND lawn mowers on our main roads!!   I’ve seen it, sooo it must be ok. HHmmm…. I wonder if you have to obtain a certain type of license to drive a lawn mower on a main street? Something to Google!

(sigh) Who am I kidding?  I don’t like living this damn hucklebug state.  This is a state to visit- not live in.  It’s a kick back and relax kind of state and ain’t nobody got time for that!  I can relax when I’m dead!! If I had my druthers I’d live in a big city with buildings so tall you can’t tell the real temperature outside.  I’d like to live in a condo or loft where I could have a veggie garden on my balcony or rooftop and never have to hear a lawn mower or smell horse crap. I would love to walk everywhere I wanted to go, like to the aquarium, the park or the water front.  I’d love to live where there are specialty stores only, for example; the butcher. Just a butcher, not a butcher plus other shit. Knowutimean? I don’t want to buy a good cut of red meat and a box of tampons at the same time. That’s just too uncomfortable.  I like to cook so I will need a cheese shop, several types of ethnic markets for spices and oils, oh and a liquor store that carries good wine.  I want thrift stores, tattoo parlors, and back ally restaurants that serve food so good you forget what your mommas’ taste like!!  And let’s not forget that I need an opera or play house that I can dress up and go to on weekends. When I have had enough of big city living I can take vacation to my birthplace or move to Florida to die like all the other old people. Right?

Yeah so that’s me dreaming out loud. That’s all that is by the way, a dream.  The place I’d like to live is downtown Chicago, but it’s too far for me to stay as close as I need to be, so it can be the place I vacation to when I’ve had enough of this small town livin’.    Before I know it, like my 91 year old grandmother, I will be the oldest member of this hot mess and while I’m calling all of the shots from my recliner on Thanksgiving, Imma want to look at the faces around my table and see what I’ll be leaving behind.

Bad pix of my and my Nana. It was her first “usie?” 😂

Discussion Board: CJUS My Personal Beliefs

I had an assignment due by tomorrow for my criminal justice class. Keep in mind,  I go to a Christian based university.  This assignment was due via discussion board, a place to interact with classmates from all over the world. Must be at least 250 words and make 2 Bible refs.  Lemme know what you think.


The personal beliefs that I hold toward law enforcement, the courts and the correctional system is that there is just too much red tape, too many good people being punished for trying to uphold the law and too many others who take on the responsibility of such, guided by the wrong motivation.   When Paul wrote to Timothy warning against false teachings he said, “We know that the law is good when used correctly.” (1 Timothy 1:8, NLT) Of course Paul wasn’t talking about our criminal laws, but the foundation still applies. Good criminal justice personnel is going to be hard to find (and keep) when they put their life on the line everyday for little pay, inadequate training, and constant disrespect. When you have underpaid, under-trained officers, crowded court rooms and overcrowded prisons, you have major problems.  I base my beliefs on little personal experience but rather from witnessing it second party. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the media plays a huge role in my way of thinking.  Look at just about any ‘crime’ committed and watch it grow from an anthill to Mt. Everest within hours. The media thrives on drama and that drama creates the worst kind of criminal activities.  This kind of stuff is what puts good law enforcement personnel on edge- they are then driven by fear to, or not to take action against law breakers.  It’s sad.  When an officer can no longer protect himself or others because he is afraid of the backlash, there’s something wrong. Proverbs 17:26 (NIV) says, “If Imposing a fine on the innocent is not good, surely to flog honest officials is not right.”

My perceptions are just that, mine.  They are my truths, right or wrong, they are how I see the crazy world in which I live.

word count: 302

What about my pain and suffering?

The phone rings, waking you from sound sleep.  Disoriented, you try to make sense of the words coming from the caller. It’s hard to hear over the blood pulsing through your Carotid artery; loudly racing to your brain in a flight or fight fenzy.
“Mom?”   That’s all it took to have a mini heart attack.

My daughter called at 6 am on a Sunday morning to tell me she had been in her very first wreck.  When I heard the words “mom..  wreck” I thought she had hit someone. I thought she had been out drunk driving.  It felt as if I had just fallen asleep, I didn’t know it was Sunday morning and only two hours away from the alarm.
“Are you ok?”  Those are the only words I could find.
Kayla’s voice was calm but I could hear the tears that wrapped themselves tightly around her throat.
“What happened?”
“I was hit by a drunk driver. …”
“WHAT? Where are you?”
“I was on my way to work and..”
Wait. Work???  My brain went crazy with worry.  Kayla is a young mother.  The days she works or attends class I have the baby. Was she bringing the baby to me when she was hit? Omg.
“Where’s Rae? Is she ok??”
“She stayed with Corey’s mom last night.  Mom. . My car.” I was so lost in a dream state confusion.

The rest of the story goes like this:
Kayla works at a hospital and she sat at a red light one light from turning into her required parking lot.  The hospital is on campus and there’s many food chains and small college stores on this one-way strip of road.  She sat waiting for the light to turn green and had a strange thought that she should just go ahead and turn at the light she was at then BAM!!!  Before she even knew what happened her Camry was smashed by an old Pathfinder.  He hit the rear passenger side, scraped the side,  swerved away from the car, came back to hit the front passenger side removing the bumper…  he then slammed head-on into a restaurant, backed up,  squealed around the next corner, hit something else and ditched the suv behind Fazoli’s and took off on foot.

Kayla called 911 then me.
20 minutes later we sat in the ER of the hospital where she worked.  Tears had stained the whites of her eyes red- creating glowing pools of aqua.
Her face was blotched with bits of red and white.  At first glance I could see that she had tried to cry it all out before I got there.   She doesn’t like me to worry.   As a parent, my heart instantly breaks for my children when I see any sort of pain on them.  I too wanted to cry but I couldn’t; mommas don’t cry where their babies can see.

About a month has passed since this whole jacked up thing happened.  Kayla has a pretty newish car with a pretty payment to go with.  HAHA.  She’s fine.  Got herself a fancy lawyer who sent her to a fancy chiropractor.. those three working together will get Kayla a fancy settlement and maybe….. just maybe… Ill get a fancy Christmas gift.


What about my pain and suffering?  😉




Turning 16 in the state where I live means one can obtain a driving permit and 180 days later, an intermediate license. As long as the rules and curfews are kept, an unrestricted license will soon follow.

I remember going for my permit. It wasn’t a big deal really.  I had studied the driving manual for weeks before turning 16 and I was confident in my ability to retain the information between its pages.  Waiting to take the test was longer than the time it took for me to complete it.  I remember standing in front of the computer screen reading one questions after the next.. A. B. A. A. A. B. C. D. A. A. A. …..   I was done!!  Then I thought, “Wait. Twelve questions? That’s it?? TWELVE??  I studied for WEEKS for this test and I got twelve questions?”   As I stood in line waiting for my turn to hand over my test to the old grumpy DMV lady I started to panic.  I worried about those twelve questions.  Thinking to myself I asked, “Did you choose too many A’s in a row?  Maybe that A, next to last should have been a B.. or a maybe a C…”   As I inched closer to the front counter, I noticed that the DMV lady had a mouth like an angler fish; too many teeth, pointy and discolored, crammed behind lips that curled downward.DMV  lady I could hear her raspy voice chewing into the man in front of me. Apparently he had forgotten something he needed to obtain a renewal.. but I swear I saw him provide at least 26 pieces of paper, a urine sample and what looked like his left kidney.  I couldn’t imagine what else grumpy fish wanted but her growling and gnawing was enough to have me look over my documents one mo’ gin.

“Next!” she snapped as I watched the mauled man in front of me, sulk away like a beaten dog. I swallowed hard and stepped up with my arm full of paperwork.  Before grumpy fish could ask what I needed I spoke too fast and in one continuous sentence.  “Hi-I-need-to-get-my-permit-heres-my-test-ss card- ins card-birth certificate-and-letter-from-the-judge-thank-you!”   I stood there with a nervous smile on my face while grumpy fish stamped my test and copied my information.  It seemed to take way too long. “Do you have a ticket?”    My heart dropped so hard that it punctured my stomach and fell straight to my feet.  My head spun dizzy as I asked myself, “Ticket?  What ticket? No one told me about a ticket..I need a ticket??”     Over-emphasizing each of her next five words, her voice sarcastically ripped through the stale air, “Do. You. Have. A. Tick-et??!”    My panic turned to anger. Who did this butter-face think she was talking to and before I realized that my brain filter had dislocated, my mouth released my by brain was thinking.  “Look here you old fish… I don’t know what your problem is or what you’re talking about. I have given you everything on the list of requirements. I have been here for two hours and heard you find some sort of problem with every single person before me. Perhaps you need to go back to bed and try to wake up on the right side!!”   Grumpy fish sat silently behind the counter for several seconds, her beady little eyes peering over her chained on bifocals at me.   “A PARK-ING TICK-ET!!” She hissed.    I stared back. She meant a ticket to validate for parking. Omg I felt like such a jerk but… she was mean.   I did have a parking ticket but damn it if she was going to know after I had just called her an old fish because that would have made me a bigger asshole than I already was.  Instead of handing her my ticket I hissed back with mockery,  “No. I. Donnn-t. Have. A. Park-ing. Tick-et.”  Grumpy fish let her eyes slowly roll back down to the paperwork, made another punch of red ink, slid it to her right and barked, “Next!’

Next?  What about me?  Where was I supposed to go?  Was she letting me through or telling me to leave?  I stood there clueless.  “Um, ex—cuse me??”  My hands flipping upward and voice giving clue to hostility.  Grumpy fish without looking up pointed to an area two partitions over. Glancing over I could see that was where I needed to go to get my photo taken for my permit. I pulled my purse off of the counter and whispered, “Good luck.” to the girl behind me.

About a month or so later I went back for my road test. I had taken 6 classes of driving school plus had been instructed by my husband on how to drive.  I was confident–probably too confident in my driving ability.   Once at the DMV my test car was inspected, permit and insurance card was taken and I was assigned a Sheriff for the ride-along.   “Sweet..It’s a girl. This should be a cake walk.” So I thought.  This small middle aged woman came out holding a clipboard.  She had on thick glasses and wore her stringy dishwater colored hair, long. I’m not trying to be mean or anything but her one of her arms seemed to be on..backward.   I swear I’m not making this crap up. I couldn’t if I wanted to.. I’m just not built for imagination and fantasy.  Anyway, I tried not to look at her because every time I did, I stared at her arm.  I think she picked up on my avoidance and that pissed her off.  I was trying NOT to be rude and this woman was giving me crap for it.  She kept talking to me, waving her twisted appendage around and forcing me to stare at it..  between her and grumpy fish, I’d never get my license.

The test went pretty good until the last task- the turnabout.  I pulled up a little passed the driveway, put on my blinker and backed in slowly.  Before coming to a complete stop, I looked forward (while still creepin in reverse) and before I applied my brakes, I tapped something with my bumper.  The Sheriff lady got out of the car with her little clipboard, walked to the back and began to scribble something down.  When she got back into my car she said I had hit a small pole.  In my own mind I argued that I hadn’t hit anything.. I tapped it.. TAAAAAPPPPPEEEDDD it.   The Sheriff lady through her arm (yes, THAT arm) into the air while squawking, “Of course you know this means you failed???”   The look on my face said it all but to be sure she heard me, I added some personality, “Failed? I tapped something that I can’t even see in my mirror and I failed my whole driving test???”   My dislocated brain filter allowed these words to follow, “..well then of course that means you can walk back!”   I was pissed. This is all true by the way, you can ask my friend Kelly about it. hahahaha.

SEVERAL months later I went back, praying the whole time Hook and grumpy fish were on vacation that day.   On the road test side it was clear. I passed with ease and without any glitches.  Skipping happily to the counter I see grumpy fish. Good feeling gone. Just like that, poof.  I began to pray, more like beg really, to please not let her open up next. Inside I was crying, “I don’t want her… please hurry up lady over there with the big purse and make-up to match…”  Panic was setting in as the man at grumpy fish started to gather his things.  I started to sweat and silently began screaming, “Please. Huuuuuuurrrrry uuuuuppppp!!!!!”   

“Next!”   Damnit.

I approached the counter nervously. Smiling as sweetly as I could and speaking in a soft voice that I didn’t even know I had I said, “Hello,” as I slid everything she would need toward her.  Grumpy fish without looking up took the papers and began to process them. She stopped and looked up over her bifocals at me.  Her downward lips drew upward, the same as the corners of her eyes, just enough to look like the Cheshire cat instead of her grumpy fish self, then she hissed, “Do. You. Have. A. Tick-et?”Cheshire


Science, shmience. This is a God world.

I never really know what I am going to write about.  I mean, sometimes I sit down and pick up where I left off, but usually when I sit down, I do so without a plan.  Letting my fingers tap out whatever my Ritalin charged brain is thinking at the time. Like now. I had planned to finish up my story about living in Austin but, it’s just not there. Today I’m thinking about the sky….. and God.

God never ceases to amaze me with His mastery.  He is the master craftsman behind this beautiful world, there simply cannot be any other explanations. Too many things run perfectly, with details so intricate that there’s just no way science can duplicate it.  Look at our bodies for example. We grow from two different people from two microscopic cells that keep multiplying, dividing, dying and regenerating the entire time we are alive.  Scientifically speaking, the female body should not be able to carry a child. But God speaking,  the female body adapts to the child’s growth by rearranging organs and bones so that the baby can grow.  I could really grasp the concept of this absolute miracle with the conception and birth of my first child, Tate.  My son is now 24, married, and will someday have his first child.  That just amazes me.  I grew him; inside my womb two cells danced and twirled until he was perfect and ready to be born.  He was born two months too soon but his little body (with God’s intervention) adapted quickly to the shock of an early birth and he went home the very next day!!!  That alone, is beyond science.

Another example is found in my momma’s heart problem.  The arteries going to her heart were damaged.  Matter of fact she presented with mild chest pain that sent her in for some test that revealed some minor blockage.  But ‘as a precaution’ the doc wanted to throw in some stints to open her up.   As she lay on the table getting stinted, the doc took x-rays to later put into her file.  After the procedure the doc brought me into a small room with a couch and a whiteboard. He handed me the x-ray.  As he spoke and played Pictionary, I just stared at the x-ray in complete bewilderment.  My mother was stinted with two stints to open up her 100% complete blockage – a blockage that SHOULD have killed her. That’s not what shocked me.  I expected that kind of news. What sent my head spinning was how her body repaired itself.  That’s right– it repaired itself!!!   The x-ray of the heart showed the two tiny stints and the blood rushing through the newly opened artery but what it also showed was two more brand new veins.  She was not born with these two veins.  These new veins were pretending to be arteries. They grew from the bottom of the blocked artery and they eventually attached themselves into the top of her suffocating heart. These new arteries kept my mother’s heart fed with just enough blood to keep her alive and did so long enough for test to be ran and long enough for stints to be placed inside.  Only God could create this scenario.

Outside of the human body there is a huge mass of dirt in which we all share- that’s one way to look at it.  Another way to look at it is with unfiltered lenses.  Do you not find it simply amazing that we live in a perfect ecosystem? Our world sits perfectly in space. It rotates perfectly so we can have the perfect amount of light and darkness. It tilts so that we can have seasons that allow for death and regrowth.   Our world gives us floods, fires, hurricanes and erupting volcanoes.  All beautifully breathtaking, yet instantly heartbreaking.  Science might be able to explain it, but it cannot duplicate it.

Atmosphere.  Seems like sciGodWondersence has it all figured out, doesn’t it?  Our atmosphere isn’t something we think about too often. I mean, why would we? It doesn’t seem to be too impressive. It’s clear and still, unless you look closer.  Our atmosphere not only gives us the air we need to sustain life, it also gives us our climate and weather, all while protecting us from the elements of space- to sustain life.  For a small example, look at air.  As I said, air can sit seemingly still or it can turn into a wind that carries pollen and seeds, it carries clouds that dump rain.  Air does everything humanly impossible, it sustains our ecosystem.  Air can also dance within itself, mixing hot and cold until it becomes fierce and twisted.  Yes its damaging, and yes it can kill but is it not amazing at the same time?

I love the sky.  For hours I could lie back on a blanket, in a field and stare up at the heavens.  During the day I could  make cloud pictures and at night, stargaze, and never once become bored.   I have a good eye and without difficulty I can find beauty in things most do not see. Without a doubt, I am artistic and talented but no matter how hard I try, I cannot capture the exquisiteness of the heavens on film, it’s impossible and the times are too numerous that I have wished for a camera as perfect as the ones God provided me with, my eyes and brain.

Speaking of the brain- wow.  What a topic and one that I probably shouldn’t get started on. That’s because I’m ADHD and on Ritalin at the moment… I could write a book as long as, “Sironia, Texas,” by Madison Cooper, which possesses no less than 1,100,000 words!!  (Google it if you don’t believe me)  So, yeah, I’m THAT able to write able the brain and ain’t nobody got time for that!!