Day 20- Hodge Podge

What a day this has been.  I woke up this morning with nothing on my schedule but a hair appointment at 10 o’clock this morning but it ended up being cray-cray!  How does this happen?

As I sat with my hair full of foils, my 12 y.o. daughter Danielle, calls to tell me she can’t breathe and needs her inhaler and then my mum calls to tell me she’s being taken to the hospital- but I didn’t know any of this until later because I didn’t hear my phone ringing while I was under the dryer.  Of course as soon as I found out I attempted to call them both but both let me go to VM.  I panic when my 12 y.o. has issues because she is epileptic and I’m always fearful she will have a seizure. She has only had two (11 months apart) and is currently 14 months seizure free.  I know in my gut that she has outgrown the nightmare but it’s so hard at times to trust my instincts.  If you have ever witnessed your child turning blue and foaming from the mouth, you’d understand how powerful the sense of helplessness is- it stays with you forever.    Anyway, my husband called me shorty after to tell me he was on his way to the school with an inhaler, not to worry-  I was worried and I continued to worry until I heard from Danielle.   As my husband and I spoke we came to the conclusion that Danielle probably wasn’t having an asthma attack but rather a bout of anxiety over a regional band audition.   This morning Danielle told me that her audition was tomorrow night at 7, turned out she was wrong.  Her nerves had a grip around her throat and she was freaking out.  When she finally text me back she said she was fine and didn’t need her inhaler which made me feel a crap-ton better.

My mum- she’s fine too but I didn’t know that until after my hair was done and I walked into the ER.  There she sat, fine as frog hair with her cousin.  I didn’t stay long because there was no reason. My mum was fine and seemingly in decent hands- what was I going to do except worry about all the germs that were clinging to the inside of my nose and reeking havoc on my immune system??  No thanks.  After a quick hug and a bath in Purell I was off to grab lunch; two donuts & coffee from Dunkin.  MMMmmm….Once home I caught up on the laundry and homework. Same ole shit as every other day.  I really don’t mind though, I like being a housewife.  I wouldn’t trade my housewife life for the single life ever.  It’s what I was built to do.

Tonight at dinner I was taken aback a little.  We went to City Barbeque and a guy I know who worked there, his photo was in a frame on a shelf.  I walked over expecting to see him being recognized for outstanding customer service but instead he was being remembered a year after his passing.   Wow.  I feel like we just saw him – he was just smiling and talking about his kids, how happy he was managing City.  He went out of his way to serve us and to make sure we were happy and would return.  I didn’t know Geoff well, but what I did know of him, he was a good guy. He was my age- 40.  Sad. Very sad.     When I got to the window to order I asked what had happened to him- she ‘thinks’ it was a car wreck.  I’ll have to Google that after this post. I don’t know why, but I feel the need to know what happened to him.

Anyway, so Danielle is off to her audition with the other kids from the state and I am off to my workshop to begin stripping paint from an old chair of mine.

. Danielle

GOOGLE RESULTS::** At 1:16 p.m. Monday, officers responded to an injury accident on Boone Avenue in which a vehicle driven by Geoff Thomas of 140 Alabama St. reportedly pulled in front of another vehicle, driven by Chelsea Jacobson of Paris. Thomas was unable to speak to officers at the scene and was transported to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with unspecified injuries. Jacobson told officers she was southbound when Thomas pulled in front of her.**